Interview with Michael Munroe, 1969 July 9 [audio]

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  • Working at Lobdell Car Wheel Company
    Partial Transcript: "Like most foundries... hard, rough, and dirty."
    Synopsis: Munroe's voice is quiet and hard to understand. Munroe talks about what it was like to work at Lobdell Car Wheel Company. He talks about the length of the work day and the machinery in the factory as well as the quality of iron used in the factory.
    Keywords: Iron; Lobdell Car Wheel Company; Work
  • Closing down Lobdell and the final days at the plant; Accidents at Lobdell
    Partial Transcript: "They couldn't get trained people..."
    Synopsis: Munroe talks about Lobdell's last days open. He says that the company couldn't hire people who had the necessary skills and were willing to do the job for the pay offered. He talks about working the day someone died in an accident.
    Keywords: Accidents; Labor; Lobdell Car Wheel Company; Work
  • More on working at Lobdell; Moving houses
    Partial Transcript: "You just got laid off, that was all there was to it..." "The 25th of March was moving day."
    Synopsis: Munroe continues to talks about work at Lobdell. He talks about what happened when a man got laid off. He talks about apprentices at Lobdell. He talks about moving houses as a child. He talks about the homes he's lived in over the years and his son's education.
    Keywords: Apprentices; Lobdell Car Wheel Company; Work
  • Getting to and from work; Canal in Wilmington
    Partial Transcript: "I walked to work..."
    Synopsis: Munroe explains that even though he lived far from work, he always preferred to walk so that he could save money. A clock chimes in the background. Munroe talks about a canal in Wilmington
    Keywords: Canals; commuting; Lobdell Car Wheel Company; Walking; Wilmington, Del.; Work
  • Lobdell's status as a good place to work
    Partial Transcript: "Everyone dressed up, waiting to get paid..."
    Synopsis: Munroe talks about Lobdell's status as a good place to work. He talks about a circus that came to Wilmington. He talks about other memories of living and working in Wilmington during the late 19th and early 20th century.
    Keywords: Lobdell Car Wheel Company; Wages

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