Interview with J. Edgar Rhoads, 1969 February 11 [audio](part 4)

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  • Government regulations on leather belting; Apprenticeships; Family members working at Rhoads
    Partial Transcript: "This was a subject Dr. Tatnall and I had been interested in for some time..."
    Synopsis: Rhoads describes changes to government regulations in leather belting which happened in 1931. He says that he was interested in seeing the changes since the regulations called for belts to be sold by thickness rather than weight. He describes it as an imperfect solution, but harder to cheat for dishonest sellers who had previously used "loaded" leathers. He talks about apprenticeships at his plant. He also talks about family members joining the staff at Rhoads. He says that there are no members of the Rhoads family preparing to take his position. He lists the other board members at Rhoads
    Keywords: Apprenticeships; Belts; Bureau of Standards; E.J. Rhoads & Sons, Inc; Education; Haverford College; Leather; Regulation; Rhoads family; Sales; University of Pennsylvania