Interview with J. Edgar Rhoads, 1969 April 14 [audio](part 6)

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  • Relief efforts in China; Thoughts on Herbert Hoover's presidency
    Partial Transcript: "This work was entirely in mainland China..." "I had practically no contact with them..."
    Synopsis: Rhoads talk about relief efforts in China. He notes that he had very few Chinese contacts at this time. He gives his thoughts on Hoover's presidency, and his thoughts on Hoover's leading relief efforts following World War I.
    Keywords: China; Chinese Revolution; Communism; Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964; Raskob, John J. (John Jakob), 1879-1950; Relief; World War (1914-1918)
  • Awareness of the Holocaust while working in Poland
    Partial Transcript: "We knew what that meant.. they were herded into these freight cars... and shipped to a death camp in southwestern Poland."
    Synopsis: Rhoads talks about his awareness of the Holocaust when he was in Poland in 1939-1940.
    Keywords: Antisemitism; Holocaust; World War (1939-1945)
  • More on post World War I relief work; Wildlife conservation work; Thoughts on college education; Thoughts on the 1969 Harvard student strike
    Partial Transcript: "It still continues in a different form now, and I was on it for a good many years, and I was chairman of it for a number of years..."
    Synopsis: Rhoads talks some more about relief efforts following World War I. He explains that the organization he was part of wanted to establish aid on both sides. He talks about his interest and role in wildlife conservation efforts. Rhoads expresses his belief that small colleges provide a stronger educational environment than large ones. Rhoads and the interviewer discuss the 1969 student strike at Harvard.
    Keywords: 1969 Harvard student strike; Bryn Mawr College; College; Conservation; Education; France; Germany; Relief; Wildlife; World War (1914-1918)
  • Continued association with William Penn Charter School; Thoughts on College education 2; Members of the du Pont family; Business and industrial history
    Partial Transcript: "I went to the Penn Charter School as a boy in 1900..."
    Synopsis: Rhoads talks about his time as a student at the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, Pa. He talks about his college education and continues to offer his opinions on education. He talks about members of the du Pont family and the founding of the Delaware Museum of Natural History. He discusses industrial and business history.
    Keywords: Bodowin College; Delaware Museum of Natural History; du Pont family; Education; Leather belting; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Philadelphia, Pa.; Teaching; William Penn Charter School

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