Interview with Henry Barry, 1974 May 1 [audio]

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  • Getting to know the Crowinshields; The restoration of Eleutherian Mills.
    Partial Transcript: "It would be slightly before 1871..." "My own father was born in ... well, it used to be a tavern."
    Synopsis: Barry talks about how the Barry family came to know the Crowninshield family. He talks about his family's origins. He says that the families meant when the Barrys and the Crowninshield were looking for a home in Marblehead, Mass. He explains that he worked on a Crowninshield owned farm when he was young. He says he meant Louise du Pont Crowninshield around June 1900. He talks about following Mrs. Crowninshield to her home in Wilmington. He talks about the restoration of Eleutherian Mills. Barry says that he went with Mrs. Crowninshield when she purchased furniture for the house.
    Keywords: Barry family; Boston, Mass.; Crowninshield family; Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; Danvers, Mass.; Eleutherian Mills (Greenville, Del. : Estate); Marblehead, Mass.; Restoration
  • Louise du Pont Crowninshield's restoration work; Working at the Crowninshield home in Boca Grande, Florida; Louise du Pont Crowninshield's philanthropy
    Partial Transcript: "the Marblehead people were so jealous of outsiders intruding that they were awful to her..."
    Synopsis: Barry talks about Louise du Pont Crowninshield's start in restoration. He talks about her work in Marblehead, Mass. and the difficulty she had working with Marblehead locals. He talks about her restoration work in Virginia. Barry talks about the Crowninshield house in Boca Grande, Florida. He describes her impact on the community of Boca Grande, Fl. He recalls that she helped many African American families, including covering the costs of college. He talks about her other philanthropic efforts. He notes that almost everyone who benefited from Crowninshield's aid has since died.
    Keywords: African Americans; Boca Grande, Fl.; Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; Marblehead, Mass.; Philanthropy; Restoration; Virginia
  • Louise du Pont Crowninshield's dogs; Thoughts on Mrs. Crowninshield's opinion of Florida
    Partial Transcript: "She had a bout five, but they weren't big, I'll say..." "I don't think, honestly that Mrs. Crowninshield was crary about life in Boca Grande...
    Synopsis: Barry talks about helping Mrs. Crowninshield take care of her dogs. He says that he doesn't believe Mrs. Crowninshield liked Florida. He says that she seemed to be happier in Boston and came to Florida because her husband liked it.
    Keywords: Boca Grande, Fl.; Boston, Mass.; Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; Dogs; Pets; Poodles
  • Louise du Pont Crowninshield's childhood; Mrs. Crowninshield's interest in gardens.
    Partial Transcript: "She was made to cook, keep the kitchen clean..."
    Synopsis: Barry talks about Mrs. Crowninshield's childhood. He talks about her abilities as an adult and notes that she had poor handwriting. He says that she spoke very good French. He talks about her relationships with members of the du Pont family. He talks about her involvement with garden clubs. He talks about Mrs. Crowninshield's gardens and says that he preferred the Crowninshield's properties in Massachusetts.
    Keywords: Cooking; Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; French language; Gardens; Handwriting; Wilmington, Del.; Winterthur, Del.
  • Louise du Pont Crowninshields' impact on the antique world and other people; Thoughts on Henry Algernon du Pont; Crowninshield's relationship with other members of the du Pont family.
    Partial Transcript: "Well, of course, it's the best I ever knew, of course that doesn't mean it was the best..."
    Synopsis: Barry talks about Mrs. Crowninshield's impact on the antique world and on other people. He notes that she helped anyone she thought worthy of it, and that she was a good judge of character. He talks about Henry Algernon du Pont and says that Mrs. Crowninshield seemed to be the only person who got along with him. He describes her relationship with other members on the du Pont family.
    Keywords: Antiques; Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; du Pont family; Du Pont, H. A. (Henry Algernon), 1838-1926; People; Personalities
  • Unnamed man talks about his job at the Louise du Pont Crowninshield's home
    Partial Transcript: "I did.. anything they wanted done around there..."
    Synopsis: An unnamed man lists the various jobs he did for Louise du Pont Crowninshield.
    Keywords: Du Pont, H. A. (Henry Algernon), 1838-1926; Gardening; Work

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