Interview with Catherine Cheney [audio](part 4)

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  • Furniture and other objects in the home; Floorplan; The Flu Epidemic;
    Partial Transcript: "It was a great big kitchen and then a big living room and then what we called a parlor..." "I was the first one to have the flu and all the children... my older sister didn't get it, but took pneumonia afterward."
    Synopsis: Cheney talks about some of the furniture and other objects in her childhood home. She talks about being the first child in her family to get sick during the flu epidemic. Cheney and the interviewer have technical troubles with the recording equipment and attempt to fix it.
    Keywords: Chicken Alley (Del.: Village); Furniture; Influenza Epidemic (1918-1919); Laird, W. W. (William Winder), 1910-1989; Pneumonia