Interview with James F. Toy Sr., 1971 September 15 [audio]

Hagley ID:
  • Working at du Pont family houses; Restoring Eleutherian Mills;
    Partial Transcript: "I remember that being behind a bracket there..."
    Synopsis: Toy talks about working at the homes of various du Pont family members. He describes his memories of Eleutherian Mills.
    Keywords: Construction; Du Pont, H. A. (Henry Algernon), 1838-1926; Eleutherian Mills (Greenville, Del. : Estate); Staircases
  • Getting into the attic at Eleutherian Mills; Converting Eleutherian Mills from a club house to a residence
    Partial Transcript: "He got this then he got another one (stairway) on that side..." "I remember that stairway, it was approached from here..."
    Synopsis: Toy comments on the layout and construction methods of the stairs. He describes how they connected each floor of the house. He says that the construction at Eleutherian Mills began around 1914 and converted the residence from a clubhouse back into a residence.
    Keywords: Construction; Eleutherian Mills (Greenville, Del. : Estate); Stairways
  • Construction materials; Other occupants of Eleutherian Mills; Work in and around the powder yards
    Partial Transcript: "You know, they saved an awful lot of money, having white pine..." "We started making changes here and the colonel was gonna give it to his daughter..."
    Synopsis: Toy talks about materials and costs. He lists some of the other people that he is aware of having lived in Eleutherian Mills. Wilkinson talks about what the du Pont family did with the powder yards after they closed. Toy begins to talk about buildings that used to be in the powder yards.
    Keywords: Betty family; Construction; Costs; Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; Eleutherian Mills (Greenville, Del. : Estate); Hagley Yard; White Pine
  • Eleutherian Mills' porch; Louise du Pont Crowninshield's garden;
    Partial Transcript: "There was something here, that extended out beyond that wall and we tore that out..."
    Synopsis: Toy talks about the porch he remembers being on Eleutherian Mills. He talks about the type of cement they used when they built a wall between the house and the office. Toy talks about what he knows about Louise du Pont Crowninshield's garden. Wilkinson discusses how they restored the first du Pont office.
    Keywords: Cement; Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; Eleutherian Mills (Greenville, Del. : Estate); Porches
  • Tour of the restored du Pont office
    Partial Transcript: "Yeah... there was nothing like that there..." (in reference to the desk in the office)
    Synopsis: Wilkinson takes Toy on a tour of du Pont's first office, restored to its 1860s appearance. Wilkinson and an unamed voice explain their restoration methodology.
    Keywords: Clothes; E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company; Hagley Museum and Library; Hagley Yard; Restoration
  • Purpose of small building near the first du Pont office; Alfred I. du Pont and his wives; Louise du Pont Crowninshield and her dogs
    Partial Transcript: "That was a place to store wagons, you know, horses went down into the big barn..."
    Synopsis: Toy explains the original purpose of the building near the barn at Eleutherian Mills. He provides more information about the area in and around Hagley when he was young. He talks about having worked at Alfred I. du Pont's Nemours estate, he recalls working on the sunken garden there. Toy talks about his memories of Louise du Pont Crowninshield and her dogs.
    Keywords: Barns; Crowninshield, Louise du Pont, 1877-1958; du Pont family cemetery; Du Pont, Alfred I. (Alfred Irenee), 1864-1935; E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company; Eleutherian Mills (Greenville, Del. : Estate); Hagley Yard; Horse; Nemours (Greenville, Del.: Dwelling); Wagons