Lehigh Valley Railroad glass plate negatives

About this collection

    This collection was purchased in 1971 as part of a lot that included two other small collections. The photographer is unknown, but a box included in the collection, as well as the images themselves, associate fifteen of the twenty-two images with the Lehigh Valley Railroad. While the photographs in this collection are undated, engine numbers visible in the images suggest that these glass negatives were created no earlier than 1934 and no later than 1948, assuming that they were taken roughly contemporaneously.
    There are an additional seven glass negatives depicting a small variety of undated, unidentified scenes. The relationship of these items to the negatives depicting the rolling stock of the Lehigh Valley Railroad is unclear, as is their relationship to one another. These seven images depict a naval sailing vessel that is probably the USS Constitution, the shipwrecked SS Morro Castle, a group photograph in front a church, and two views of an outdoor natural recreation area. The image of the SS Morro Castle likely dates to 1934, and the remaining six may as well. Click here to view a finding aid.
Image: L.V.R.R locomotive no. 5128. circa 1941. Click here to view.

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