Pusey and Jones Corporation photographs

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This digital collection includes more than 2,100 of the approximately 6,700 images in the Pusey & Jones Photograph Collection. Pusey and Jones specialized in ship and machine building. Pusey and Jones Company's main facility was located in Wilmington, Delaware on the Christina River. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the catalog record.

    Image: Cape Diamond built for U.S. Maritime Commission, 1943. Click to view.

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Oil tanker, Veedol No. 2 hull #409, in water after launching
Contract 1044. Diesel Electric Oil Tanker built for Tide Water Oil Company.
William Kirn, W. Scott, Sr. and Mr. Cummerford
Contract 1044. Veedol No. 2.
The yacht, Cambriona, at wharf finished
Contract 1042. Built for W. O. Briggs.
The yacht, Galaxy, launching party
Miss. Margaretta du Pont Tasmall, sponsor. Contract 1045. Built for R. R. M. Carpenter.
Sponsor Miss Margaretta du Pont Tasmall christening the yacht, Galaxy
Contract 1045. Built for R. R. M. Carpenter.
Launching party for the Erie Railroad Tug No. 2, Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Spiegelhalter and daughter Jane. Contract 1046.
Diesel electric tugboat, Olean, before launching
Contract 1046. Erie Railroad Company
Launching party for the Erie Railroad tugboat, Scranton
Mrs. George Depew, sponsor. Contract 1046.