Pusey and Jones Corporation photographs

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This digital collection includes more than 2,100 of the approximately 6,700 images in the Pusey & Jones Photograph Collection. Pusey and Jones specialized in ship and machine building. Pusey and Jones Company's main facility was located in Wilmington, Delaware on the Christina River. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the catalog record.

    Image: Cape Diamond built for U.S. Maritime Commission, 1943. Click to view.

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Vertical Engine
Cylinders 54 in. x 42 in..
Steamer Algibe I under construction, built for Cuba
Length: 75 feet. Beam: 18 feet. Depth: 8 feet 6 in. Steel sheathed - Eng. 884 - 10 in. x 12 in. Smith Shop and large derrick in background of image.
Hull from knockdown boat, Sunapee
Large derrick in background.
The ferry, General Hancock, built for U.S.Q M. [United States Quartermaster's] Dept. for Gov. Island
Length: 102 feet. Beam: 28 feet. Depth: 10 feet Eng. #885 - 20 in. & 40 in. x 28 in.
Vertical non-condensing engine #871 built for steamer, Delaware
Engine #871. Built for U.S. Engineers Department.
Pusey and Jones Works aerial view
Photograph of print.
30-foot launch, Leon, Hull 96, built for Vic Roderiquez & Co. of Brazil
Length: 30 feet. Breadth 8 feet 7 in. Depth: 3 feet 6 in. Engine 6 in. x 6 in.
Steamers General Narimo and General Maza
Length: 75 feet. Beam: 17 feet. Depth: 7 feet 9 in. Engines #465 and #466 respectively. Engine a direct acting surface condensing 22 in. diameter 24 in. stroke.
Launch boat, Hamilton, Hull 127
Length: 45 feet. Breadth 10 feet 6 in. Depth: 4 feet 6 in. Engine: Inverted Direct-acting 8 in. Diameter 12 in. stroke.
Propeller, Isabelita, Hull 112
Length: 40 feet Breadth 10 feet. Depth: 4 in.-6 in. Engine: Inverted direct acting 8 in. diameter 10 in. stroke.