Pusey and Jones Corporation photographs

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This digital collection includes more than 2,100 of the approximately 6,700 images in the Pusey & Jones Photograph Collection. Pusey and Jones specialized in ship and machine building. Pusey and Jones Company's main facility was located in Wilmington, Delaware on the Christina River. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the catalog record.

    Image: Cape Diamond built for U.S. Maritime Commission, 1943. Click to view.

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Side wheel steamer, Gay Head, built for New Bedford, Martha Vineyard & Nantucket Steamboat Company
Length: 201 feet. Beam: 34 feet. Depth: 11 feet 6 in. Beam: Engine 50 in. x 10 in.
The tugboat, Colon, built for The Spanish River Co.
Length: 90 feet. Beam: 20 feet. Depth: 10 feet Engine #831.
Wooden steamboat, City of St. Augustine
Contract 828. Length: 165 feet. Beam: 35 feet. Depth: 12 feet 6 in. Completed Engine #828.
The steamer, St. Augustine
Length: 110 feet. Beam: 28 feet. Depth: 4 feet Engine #812.
The steamer, Compton built for North State Improvement Company
Length: 85 feet. Beam: 24 feet. Depth: 7 feet 6 in. Engine #810.
Steel tugboat, Elisa, built for Bartram Bros. for San Domingo
Length: 46 feet. Beam: 14 feet. Depth: 5 feet 6 in. Eng. #866, 10 in. x 12 in.
The steamer, Lt. M. Morrill, built for the U.S. Revenue Marin
Length: 145 feet 3 in. Beam: 24 feet. Depth: 12 feet 3 in. Engine #797.
Twin screw steamer, Naugatuck, built for Naugatuck Valley Steamboat Company
Length: 130 feet. Beam: 26 feet. Depth: 8 feet Engines 779 and 780. Bridge in background.
The steamer, La Papa
Length: 120 feet. Beam: 20 feet. Depth: 11 feet 1 in. Engine #781.
The tugboat, Triton
Length: 82 feet. Beam: 16 feet. Depth: 6 feet 6 in. Engine #873.
Wood steamer, General Wood, built for U.S. Government
Length: 100 feet. Beam: 19 feet 6 in. Depth: 10 feet 6 in. Engines #678.