Women at work World War II posters

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    The Women at work World War II posters (Accession 1994.236) collection is an artificial collection containing four World War II posters related to women in the workforce.
    As men went off to fight in World War II, women on the Home Front worked in war industries and volunteered for war-related organizations. Women excelled at the historically male-dominated trades such as welding, riveting, and engine repair. Their contribution was essential for the production and supply of wartime goods.
    By 1945, over 2 million women were working in the war industries, building ships, aircraft, vehicles, and weaponry. Women also worked in factories and munitions plants, and on farms. They also drove trucks, provided logistic support for soldiers, and entered what were previously male only professional areas.
    Image: Miss America, 1943. John Alan Maxwell for Philco Corporation.

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