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This collection of films and commercials documents the research, development, training, safety measures, products, and promotional aspects of DuPont Company history. The moving images include commercials, short films, feature films, and television programs. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the finding aid.

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There's A Lot of Good Chemistry Between Us: Transportation
A man discusses how DuPont transports chemicals safely via railroads, such as creating tank cars made of thick steel. "You and Du Pont. There's a lot of good chemistry between us."
Teflon-S: Tools, version 1
Commercial promoting Teflon-S as an ideal cutting tool coating.
DuPont commercial featuring Haskell Laboratories
Depicts many products created from the chemicals made by DuPont. Photograph of Haskell Laboratory for toxicology and Industrial Medicine is shown. Various testing scenarios are shown to explain the work done at the lab.
DuPont Test Car No. 51 commercial
Man introduces himself as 'Dave Rand', an employee of DuPont who drives a car for 8 hours a day, testing motor oil and other automobile lubricants. Test car No. 51 is used as example, with explanation of equipment, including the ability to switch between different types of gasoline and monitor its use. These are mobile units of a testing laboratory at Deepwater Point, New Jersey. Laboratory is shown with chemists and engineers working with equipment.
DuPont commercial highlighting the importance of research to anticipate consumer needs
Spokesman explains that Model T automobiles once used DuPont coated fabrics for its covering, but once metal roofs became popular the demand for this application dropped. Plants at Fairfield, Connecticut and Newburgh, New York were producing many coated fabrics for hundreds of different uses. Larry Livingston from DuPont explains the importance of research to anticipate the needs of the consumer. Livingston mentions the Newburgh plant and its creation of a fabric for book covers in 1920. Also mentioned are special fabrics created for folding doors and shoes. Spokesman and Livingston discuss free competition and its importance in the creation of new products.
DuPont commercial highlighting dyes
Begins with vignette of couple from 1916 discussing inferior dyes. Pierre DuPont is portrayed in a meeting with executive committee expressing the need for DuPont to create dyes. Footage of chemists working in labs. Dyes were created and specialty dyes included vat dyes for cotton and rayon as well as dyes for Nylon, Orlon and Dacron.
DuPont commercial highlighting technical sales service
Film begins with horserace at Delaware Park. Spokesman explains DuPont has created a new high speed film that can be processed and ready to check in five minutes, allowing officials to access the material more quickly. Spokesman gives another example of a Texas farmer whose farm was being threatened by a fungus disease. The film depicts Frank Horn, the technical sale serviceman responding to an urgent phone call from farmer Henry Fleming in Crystal City. Horn agrees with Fleming that his crop has white rust and Fleming asks for his recommendation. Horn suggests POSA fungicide, a DuPont product known to stop this disease. The fields are dusted from the air with the product and the fields are saved. DuPont's technical knowledge and assistance are stressed as additional benefits to purchasing DuPont products.
There's A Lot of Good Chemistry Between Us: Ferric chloride
A man and woman jog next to a river while a narrator explains how DuPont purifies their drinking water using a chemical called Ferric Chloride. "You and DuPont. There's a lot of good chemistry between us."
Automatic Clinical Analyzer: Hospital
Two parents in rural Anderson County, Texas bring their daughter to the emergency room. She's saved with the help of DuPont's Automatic Clinical Analyzer, an automated blood lab machine.
Commercial highlighting DuPont saline water purification technology
A man stands next to the ocean while describing how DuPont technology allows sea water to be converted into drinking water, helping billions of people. "Sometimes the answer to a problem is all around you."
DuPont commercial highlighting agricultural research
Average American farmer is depicted. Animation showing how one farmer feeds an average of fifteen people, but with the population growing they may need to feed five more people. Spokesman points out that more will need to be produced and insects and diseases will have to destroy less. DuPont agricultural research is working on this problem. Spokesman goes on to highlight Manzate fungicide and CMU weed killer. DuPont also studies animal pest control and makes products to control insects that attack animals as well. Fertilizers and feeds are also being improved through chemical research.
DuPont commercial featuring Crawford Greenewalt on Chemical Progress Week
Spokesman introduces Chemical Progress Week with a talk by Crawford Greenewalt, President of the DuPont Company. Greenewalt talks about the innovation of Nylon and the importance of chemical research. He concludes with an assertion of his faith in progress "as long as American industry is free to plan for the future." The commercial appeared during the May 18th 1954 broadcast of Cavalcade of America (Episode #59 "Moonlight School").
DuPont commercial on shaped charges for civilian use
Spokesman discusses bazookas, used in World War II, and what gave them their power. He explains the term 'Shaped charge' and animation depicts different types. He then points out DuPont has been working with oil companies using shaped charges in oil drilling. The 'jet perforator' is shown in use in animation.
DuPont commercial introducing Teflon
Larry Livingston of the DuPont company introduces Teflon and its many uses.
DuPont Freon commercial
Spokesman introduces Freon and its many applications, such as refrigerators and aerosols. He gives a demonstration of freezing a flower with Freon and its inflammability. He then shows how aerosol cans work, such as insecticides and shaving cream.
DuPont commercials circa 1950s - 1990s
Includes the following commercials: Teflon II/Silverstone/Suprex No-Stick Seal 'Don't Get Stuck' (00:01:05); Stainmaster 'Take off' (00:01:54); Stainmaster 'Fancy Party' (00:02:38); SilverStone 'Bolts' (00:03:20); Antron Carpet Fiber 'Caveman/Dancers' (00:04:06); Cavalcade of America: The Inside Story of Tires(00:04:52); Teflon 2, non-stick cookware (00:08:15); Teflon 2 (Italian) (00:09:00); DuPont Presents: The Wonderful World of Nylon, 1964 (00:09:50); Coolmax fabric, "Explosion" featuring Andre Agassi (00:22:53); Fishing line Magnum 720 and 1440 (00:23:45); Fishing Products 'High Impact,' 1990 (00:24:40); Teflon II Deserted Island (00:25:42); SilverStone Deserted Island (00:26:00); SilverStone Supra Deserted Island (00:26:18); Dacron, Pillow Talk (00:26:45); DuPont Theater: DuPont Chemistry, Standards of living (00:27:52); Kevlar: Survivors Club (00:31:05); Nomex: Race Car Drivers featuring Mario Andretti (00:31:58); FE 1301 fire extinguishing agent: Ring of Fire (00:33:18); Tyvek suits: Pharmaceuticals (00:34:38); X-Ray Subtraction system (00:35:50); Double Wall Oil Tanks: Applause (00:37:14); Lycra: Freedom (00:37:55); Stainmaster Carpet: Baby foot traffic (00:38:42); Stainmaster: Fancy Dinner Date (00:39:30); Plastics for Prosthetics featuring Bill Demby, 1987 (00:40:43); Blood Testing: Emergency, 1987 (00:42:05); Safety Auto Glass: Wedding/Windshield, 1988 (00:43:20); Glean Herbicide: Kids born after 1983 (00:44:23); Stainmaster Carpet: Snag (00:45:02); Lucite Paint: Secret Room (00:46:03); Lucite Paint: Bananas (00:47:19); Corfam Shoes: A Step Into Tomorrow (00:48:10); Rally Car Wax: Batman and Robin (00:50:27); Teflon: Husband cleans up (00:51:10); Industrial and Consumer Products: DuPont contributions (00:51:55); Kevlar: Heliocopter (00:52:45); Maidenform Tric-o-Lastic Lycra bra: Dance (00:53:28) ; Corian: 'Real Estate,' 1993 (00:54:31) ; Corian: Bath, 1997 (00:55:22) ; Food: Freshness featuring Vinay Chowdhry, 1996 (00:56:06); Composites: Shoes featuring Rich Gould, 1996 (00:57:03); Asphalt: Roads featuring Bob Statz, 1996 (00:57:54); Teflon featuring Tom Del Pesco, 1995 (00:58:50); Film: Holography featuring Sylvia Stevenson, 1995 (00:59:44); Kevlar featuring Stephanie Kwolek, 1995 (01:00:37); Bridges: Composites featuring Mike Bowman (01:01:42); Synthetic fibers featuring Henry Kobsa (01:02:14); Polyester Plastic: Recycling featuring Pam Jones (01:02:46); Nylon: Toothbrush featuring Didi Belonio (01:03:18); Smokey Joe's Cafe musical revue promotional piece [audio without picture] (01:04:04); Cirque Ingenieux show promotional piece [audio without picture] (01:10:23); Steve Martin's Picasso at the Lapin Agile play promotional piece [audio without picture] (01:13:20)
Lycra: Historical Reel
Four promotional segments for products containing spandex/Lycra from the late 1950s to the late 1980s/early 1990s. Includes advertisements for Intimate Apparel, Activewear, Legwear, and Maidenform bras.
Corian: Face
A woman describes the various benefits of using DuPont Corian for her vanity's countertop, because "the beauty of Corian is more than skin deep."