DuPont Company Textile Fibers Department photograph album

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    The Textile Fibers Department of the DuPont Company was established in 1936 as the Rayon Department, which specialized in researching and developing synthetic fibers for fabrics.
    In 1952, it was renamed the Textile Fibers Department to reflect the company's expanding product line, which included fibers like Nylon, Orlon, Dacron, and Lycra. The department was re-named again in 1988, becoming the Fibers Department.
    The DuPont Textile Fibers Department photograph album (Accession 1996.255) was made to promote the work of that department, and was probably created by DuPont's Advertising Department, which was created in 1921 and tasked with publicizing DuPont products until 1980, when it became the Marketing Communications Department. The photographs are undated, but were probably taken between 1946 and 1968.
    Image: Operator checking Nylon pins on a creel, Seaford Plant. Click here to view in the collection

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