Selby, Battersby and Co. employees photographs

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    Selby, Battersby and Co. was once one of the nation's leading manufacturers and installers of marine decking and industrial flooring. The company was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by George W. Selby (1886-1967) and Edward Battersby (c.1887-1959). In 1978, the company became a subsidiary of Quaker Chemical Corporation; its name was later changed to SB Decking, Inc.
    The Selby, Battersby and Co. employees photographs (Accession 2008.202) collection documents a celebration held on the occasion of receiving the U.S. Maritime Commission's "M" award for production excellence. The award was bestowed for the company's work in supplying and installing deck flooring for over 400 merchant marine vessels during World War II. The company was the first firm in Philadelphia to receive this honor.
    The photographs in the collection show the "M" pennant and labor merit badges awarded to all employees of the company. This is a digital-only collection that was provided to the library on a loan for copy basis, and has been included in its entirety.
    Image: Presentation of Maritime labor merit badges.

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