Sun-Maid Raisin Maidens photographs

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    The California Associated Raisin Company was established in 1912 as a cooperative business that serviced as a packing house for participating raisin growers, where raisins could be stored, processed, packed, and shipped from a centralized location.
    In 1915, the brand name Sun-Maid, coined by advertising executive E.A. Berg, was launched. The branding proved popular, and in 1922, the company changed its name to the Sun-Maid Growers of California to more closely identify with the popular brand. Soon after, owner-members comprised nearly 85 percent of the state’s raisin growers.
    The Sun-Maid Raisin Maidens photographs (Accession 2010.208) collection of six photographs depicts women costumed as the Sun-Maid Raisin Maiden at the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, California. The group includes Lorraine Collet Peterson, the original model for the "Sun-Maid Girl" logo. Photographs show the women at various locations around the Exposition, including the California Associated Raisin Company exhibit.
    Image: Sun-Maid Raisin Maidens with the Liberty Bell. Click here to view in the collection.

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