Carol Litchfield collection on the history of salt

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Carol Litchfield (1936-2012) was a biologist and biochemist specifically interested in halophilic microbiology, that being, microorganisms that live in salt rich environments. Later in her life her interest in halophiles transformed into a fascination with the history of salt. She began collecting everything she could find that related to salt, from images of salt production and advertisements from salt companies, to salt shakers and actual pieces of salt rock. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the finding aid.

    Image: Morton's Salt advertising card. Click here to view.

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Detroit's Underground
Far beneath the city streets of Detroit, Michigan, a group of visitors to the International Salt Co., mine, watch modern machinery in operation mining rock salt.
The Water Conditioning Division of Morton Salt Company presents: WATER
The uses of water in nature and many of its natural processes are explained. Water use in industry is described with Irrigation and water reuse. Salt is described as a useful additive for hard water in homes with filter systems.
A Gram of Salt Presented as a Public Service by Morton Salt
Films explains the importance if salt in everyday life. From solar evaporation to salt mining, the processing of salt is described. Uses of salt, such as for melting snow, food preservation and taste, to prevent heat exhaustion, dye distribution and as a water softener.
The Supervisor's Role in Quality Control
Film explores the importance of the whole company in quality control of manufactured products.
The story of solar salt. Salt recovered from the sea to serve us all as only salt can serve.
Salt, the Essence of Life, presented as a public service by the Salt Institute
Explores the impact of salt on human history and its effect on many aspects of human life. Examines various methods of producing salt, its uses, and the connection between salt and human health.