Brandywine Valley oral history interviewees' photographs

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Hagley Museum staff conducted a series oral history interviews between 1954 and 1990, speaking primarily with individuals who had worked at the DuPont Company powder yards on Brandywine Creek during the yards’ final decades of operation or who had lived near the yards as spouses or children of DuPont Co. workers. Some of the individuals who were interviewed donated, lent for copying, or provided information on the photographs in this collection. The images primarily depict the worker communities which surrounded the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company powder yards on Brandywine Creek or the powder yards themselves. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the finding aid.

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    Image: DuPont Co. workers enjoying a drink near the Club House at Thompson's Bridge. Click to view.

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Powder workmen's farewell at Nemours, home of Alfred I. du Pont
The following people are identified: Ed Bader, machinist; Frank Haley, clerk; Tom Tulley, clerk; John Dougherty, clerk; Will Beatty, pattern maker; Seitz, foreman of woodwork shop; Bob Millin, tinsmith.
Powdermen's Outing
Front Row: Man with crutch - Pierre Gentieu, Next to him - Alfred I. du Pont (on Gentieu's left), Man kneeling on front row in straw hat - Mike Maloney (blacksmith). Last row, fourteenth from right, lower deck: Mr. Hoover (standing).
Maxwell family
Seated are Joseph Maxwell (1833-1911) and Mary Ellen Warrick Maxwell (1838?-1912). The young women standing behind them are presumably the Maxwells' granddaughters, Mary Esther Campbell and Martha Ellen Campbell.
Members of the Meadowbrook Club Fife & Drum Corps and other young men from Henry Clay, Delaware
Left to right: Harry Deer, Daniel Walsh, Thomas Jackson, Clifford Blakely, Joseph Sheppard, Edward Beacom, Garrett Miller, Joseph Williams, Raymond Johnson, Edward Cheney, Joseph Consono, Lee Knox, and Arthur Jackson. Donor identifies location as "on the stone wall...between the House and the sand pile."
Meadowbrook Fife and Drum Corps
Back row: Joseph Williams, Cornelius Dougherty, Daniel Walsh, Edward Beacom, John Russel (Leader of Corps), Edward Cheney, Thomas Jackson, Edward Williams, and Joseph Sheppard. Front row: Edward Andrews, John McElhinney, John Gamble, George Russel (Mascot), and George Buchanan.
Meadowbrook Fife and Drum Corps
Back row: Joseph Williams, Cornelius Dougherty, Daniel Walsh, Edward Beacom, John Russel (Leader of Corps), Edward Cheney, Thomas Jackson, Edward Williams, and Joseph Sheppard. Front row: Edward Andrews, George Russel (Mascot), John McElhinney, John Gamble, and George Buchanan.
Alfred I. du Pont farewell party
The following people are identified on a tracing paper overlay: Alfred I. du Pont, Ernest du Pont, two unnamed drivers, Lynch (plumber), Joe Haley, John Andrews who "ran off with barn burning detectives who were pretending to be religious group," Mike Mahony's dad, Thomas Knox (Bader's brother-in-law burned in explosion of 1898), "old foreman," Dorman who "worked in packing house," Albert "Yabba" Buchanan who "ran ? plant with trains," and the Rowe brothers (cooper and painter). See tracing paper overlay for locations in photograph.
Alfred I. du Pont and DuPont Co. powder yard workers at company outing
From left (identification by donor): Mike Maloney, Peter Pursue, Sam Ferraro (seated, hand on walking stick), Victor Sauspin (thin face, large black hat, back of Ferraro), Harry Broden (derby, rear, right of Alfred I. du Pont), Felix Flanigan (behind Alfred I. du Pont), Tom Leach (next to Felix Flanigan), Pat Welsh (next to Leach), James Marten (right, front, straw hat, folded hands), Don Shields (left of Marten, white mustache, derby), Benny Watson (next to Shields), Gene Marten (second from right), Philip Dougherty (far right), Harry Muller (seated, far right), William Horty (next to Muller), and Alfred I. du Pont (center with knickers).
Alfred I. du Pont's Orchestra in Breck's Mill
Taken in Breck's Mill Electric Shop. Left to right: William Hearn, Michael Maloney, George Gentieu, Alfred (Charles) Maxwell, James Casey (Pat's Son), Walker Mathewson, and Alfred Mathewson.
Foundry yard workers in the foundry yard behind the Machine Shop
Left to right: Billy Walters, foundry boss and pattern maker; unidentified laborer; Harry Dadds, molder.
Laboring gang in Hagley Yard
Left to right: Unidentified, Sam Ferraro, unidentified, Benjamin Griffiths, possibly Louis Boubell.
William Betty family at Wagoner's Row
Left to right: William Betty, George Betty, Mrs. Betty, Faith Betty (Mrs. Lattomus).
DuPont Co. employees, farm workers
Left to right: William Snyder, Robert Betty, William G. Betty. South side of Eleutherian Mills Barn.
William G. Betty with dog, "Baby"
In Upper Yard on current site of Hagley Library.