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‘Sponsored film’ defines a variety of motion picture productions funded by businesses, organizations, or governments that dictated the point of view, audience, and intent of the film. Industrial or business films are a sub-genre of sponsored films with content that marketed products and ideas, touted a particular company or industry, trained employees, and explained manufacturing or transactional processes around the creation and sales of products and ideas.

    The Sponsored and industrial motion picture film collection at Hagley is an artificial collection compiled by curators that includes single motion picture films or small sets of films acquired via purchase or donation. This collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For more information and a detailed description of the collection, click here to view the finding aid.
    Image: Still from "Fountain of Happiness" sponsored by the Weber Dental Manufacturing Company, circa 1950.

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Roller Skating Public Service Announcement
A public service announcement urging viewers to be safe when using their roller skates. Wearing proper padding, watching for hazards, and keeping equipment in good working order will prevent accidents and injuries. Sponsored by the American College of Surgeons.
Get a Grip on Yourself
Informational film presenting a four-point plan to help viewers manage their negative emotions and avoid workplace accidents. Includes both live action and illustrations. Episode four in the series "Personal Side of Safety."
Trader Vic's Used Cars
Documentary on Victor Syder, a used car salesman in Pacoima, California. See pamphlet for discussion questions and summary. Produced by Charles Braverman.
The Invisible Circle
A cheerful motorcycle safety PSA hosted by actor Peter Brown. Details the various safety precautions that must be taken while riding a motorcycle, and explains how individuals must ride within their own "circle for safety," keeping dangerous situations at bay. Written by Click Westin and directed by Murray De'Atley.
Pacific Crossroads: Issues in U.S./Japan Trade
Informational film exploring the various reasons behind the United States' trade deficit with Japan, and why a continued economic and political alliance between the two countries is important. Contains an overview of Japan's economy, culture, and worth ethic, and focuses on individual Japanese citizens, such as farmers and steel workers. Concludes with strategies that American businesses can use to increase Japanese interest in U.S. goods. Producer/Director: Philip S. Goodman; Cinematograper: Jeff Lion Weinstock; Sound: Chat Gunter; Music: Allen Harris and Peter Canarozzi, Route 28 Music; Editor: John Bloomgarden, Valkhn Films.
Ozark Air Lines: Up There with the Biggest
A reservation agent for Ozark Air Lines uses a computer to handle booking and changing various customers' flight reservations. The camera zooms out to reveal a large room filled with agents as the narrator ensures the viewer that Ozark has the same computer resources as its larger competitors.
The Case for Computers
Film advocating for the use of computers in law firms, specifically the systems created by IBM. Four lawyers in Chicago (IL), Boulder (CO), Austin (TX), and Wilmington (DE) discuss the value of adding an IBM system to their practices. The benefits include being able to easily keep track of case files, automate their billing and accounting, and shrink their physical libraries.
Miller High Life: Harbor Pilot
A harbor pilot guides a large container ship through San Francisco Bay and out to the Pacific Ocean. He celebrates by joining his friends at the local bar for a Miller High Life beer. Actor Danny Glover is featured. The Golden Gate Bridge can be seen in a few shots.
Pabst Extra Light: Bowling
A group of people go bowling and drink Pabst Extra Light beer. With only 70 calories, it's less filling than regular beer. "Don't say light. Say extra light."
Pabst Blue Ribbon: Final Exam
A young man finishes his tax law final exam and meets up with friends for a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer at the bar. "I've got Pabst Blue ribbon on my mind." "Pabst. A lot to look forward to." The student's female friend is likely actress Rita Wilson. Filmed at UCLA Law School.
Eastern Airlines: L.A. Dream
Various people discuss their love of Los Angeles. Eastern Airlines can get you there. "The Wings of Man." Features Thomas "Tom" Koulax, the founder of well-known hamburger restaurant chain Original Tommy's.
Using DuPont Aircraft Rivets
Promotional and instructional film for DuPont's explosive aircraft rivet. Demonstrates how the rivets function and the best methods to install them safely. Both live-action and animation is used.
Goblin on the Doorstep
Film arguing for the development of newer, better technology for U.S. naval operations. The growing power of the Soviet Union's Navy threatens America's access to marine security and resources. Upgrading and expanding the U.S. Naval fleet, developing better instruments to detect both conventional and nuclear submarines, and encouraging oceanographic research will help combat this threat.
What Price Security?
In a laboratory setting, standard, off-the-shelf door locks are tested against the new Weiser lock. The locks are mounted to a wooden board with the same thickness as a standard door. A researcher then attempts to break them as would an intruder. The Weiser lock performs the best.
From Flax to Linen
Educational film following the creation of linen from beginning to end. Shows all stages of production, from flax being planted and harvested, to the processing and weaving of fibers, to fabric inspection, and, finally, ironing and preparing the linen for retail.
The Party
Promotional film celebrating Westinghouse's 90th anniversary. A fictional party is attended by various men and women from the past and present, all of whom either developed or used Westinghouse products. Several attendees discuss their relationships to Westinghouse with a reporter carrying a microphone. Specific inventions highlighted include the nuclear reactor in the U.S.S. Nautilus submarine, mobile temperature control systems for Thermo King, cameras used in the Apollo missions, nuclear power plants in France, and the Sears Tower elevators. At one point, George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison argue about light bulbs. Westinghouse Chairman Robert E. Kirby makes a statement at the end. Produced by Saul Bass; directed by Bob Aller; written by Bill McCormack and Greg Dinallo; director of photography: Jules Brenner; edited by Bob Bass and Dennis Dolan; production executive: Dick Huppertz; executive producer: Herb Yager.
Crossroads to Tomorrow
Film detailing how IBM computers have helped in the development of numerous industries and public programs in various Southeast Asian countries. Housing, travel, agriculture, energy, and education are among the topics covered in places such as Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Narrated by American actor Henry Fonda. Director of photography: Francis Kenny; music: Bob Sakayama.
Appliance Park: Where the World’s Finest Major Appliances are Made
Film promoting General Electric's new Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky. Details how appliances such as washing machines, ranges, water heaters, and dishwashers are developed and constructed in the five buildings at the park. Also highlights the various employee and community perks provided by General Electric, including a fire department, security staff, cafeterias, and medical dispensaries.