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    Cinecraft Productions was founded in 1939 by Ray Culley (1904-1983) and Betty (Buehner) Culley (1914-2016) in Cleveland, Ohio. Cinecraft specializes in commercial productions for business, industry, trade organizations, and, in some cases, government agencies and social service organizations. Cinecraft is still in business and rightfully claims itself the “country's longest-standing corporate film & video production house.”
    This collection includes motion pictures, still images, scripts and related production documents from the company's founding into the early 1980s with the bulk covering the 1950s to the 1970s. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety but we are currently making frequent additions.
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    Image: Production still from making of The Miracle on Mulberry Street for Seiberling Rubber Company in 1948. The photograph was taken at the Cinecraft Studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

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General Electric: Bulbsnatchers
Commercial for General Electric's "anti-bulbsnatching" campaign. A man named Henry falls down the stairs in his home and laments that the hallway is too dark. His wife reminds him that he's the one who "snatched" the hallway lightbulb to use in the garage. A cartoon lightbulb appears and directs Henry to GE's new handy four-lamp pack, which will prevent future "bulbsnatching." "Beat bulbsnatchers to the draw."
Roanoke Industrial Loan and Thrift commercial
Animated commercial for Roanoke Loan and Thrift. Worried about how to pay his family's bills, a man named Jim has trouble sleeping. His wife mentions her friend Jane, who received low-interest loans from Roanoke Loan and Thrift. After hearing this, Jim says he'll visit the bank the next day and falls asleep.
B.F. Goodrich Company Radial Tire promotion
Film promoting B.F. Goodrich Radial tires in partnership with Cadillac. Shows close-up shots of the tires, as well as a Cadillac driving along a road. Set to the musical piece "Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30" by Richard Strauss, well known for being the theme song of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Ohio Bell: Bargain Calling Time, Version 2
A television commercial from Ohio Bell advertising their bargain calling time, when customers can call long-distance for less money.
Ohio Bell: Bargain Calling Time, Version 1
A television commercial from Ohio Bell advertising their bargain calling time, when customers can call long-distance for less money.
The American Radial Lifesaver
Training film instructing B.F. Goodrich sales staff on how to "quickly move to the top of our line" and qualify a customer by presenting the higher-priced, higher-quality Lifesaver Radial Tire before other options.
Nursing Needs You
St. Thomas Aquinas Studio presents "Nursing Needs You," a film encouraging young women to consider enrolling at St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing. Provides an overview of student life at St. Elizabeth, promotes the benefits of a career in nursing, and stresses the importance of nurses in the medical industry. With special thanks to Reverend J.R. Lucas, Std., Jim Church, Fred Nebot, and The Starlighters. Conducted by the Sisters of the Holy Humility of Mary. Filmed for the St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing.
The Ohio Story: Adam's Rinos
Nelson Olmsted narrates the story of how Ohio resident Seth Adams imported the first Merino sheep to the United States from Spain in the early 1800s. Adams is credited with making Ohio the Marino capital of the world and introducing the first basement to Ohio homes. Kirk Willis (as Seth Adams), Max Eisenstadt, and other actors from the Cleveland Playhouse appeared in the film. Created by Frank Siedel. Reported by Frederick Lipp. Supervised by Stuart Buchanan. Directed by Ray Culley.
Kitchen Chats
A collection of six "Kitchen Chats" episodes starring Louise Winslow: Tips on Broiling Meat, How to Serve Leftovers, A Better Way to Broil Fish, New Ways to Store Foods, How to Roast Fowl, and Baking with a Silver Lining. In each episode, Winslow demonstrates how to prepare or store various foods with Wear-Ever Foil, an aluminum cooking foil.
Total Mobility: Self-Erect Mobile Central Mix Plants
Advertisement for the Heltzel self-erect mobile central mix plants, hosted by R.K. Brugler, Heltzel's Vice President of Engineering. Details the plants' various features and capabilities.
Operation Breakthrough
Highlights of Republic Steel's contribution to the Kalamazoo, Michigan housing development site sponsored by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's "Operation Breakthrough" program. Shows the construction of various types of affordable dwellings, including the Republic Steel single family home. Willis Booth Boyer, President of Republic Steel, is shown.
Ohio Story Anniversary
In a celebraton of The Ohio Story's tenth anniversity, Nelson Olmsted and John A. Greene present a general overview of Ohio's history and share predictions of what the future may hold for the state. Supervised by Stuart Buchanan.
A Progress Report
A presentation of the General Electric Large Lamp Department's new integrated sales strategy, "Live Better Electrically with Light for Living." Fictional married couple Jen and Tom highlight the booklets and other trade advertising packages being produced for the campaign to help electric utilities and GE sales personnel get more bulbs and lamps into American homes.
Crystal Clear
Original version. A sponsored film exploring the world of crystal glassware. While doing the dishes, sisters Betty and Jane break one of their mother's crystal wine glasses. After seeing the accident, their brother Bill insists the glass can be replaced with a similar piece. He recalls a lecture on glass manufacturing, where he learned the different ways glass is shaped, how it is refined and polished, and how patterns are etched into the surface. Betty and Jane then visit a crystal saleswoman to replace the broken piece and learn how to inspect glassware before making a purchase. With performances from Natalie Trundy, Diana Florey, John McDill, Brooke Taylor, and Alice Weston. Table settings by Hugh Buzzard. Set decorations by Marvel DeWitt.
Building Economic Understanding: Exploring Foreign Competition
L. I. Underwood, General Export Manager at Republic Steel, calls attention to the various dangers that foreign competition poses to the health of the American steel industry. Part of the "Building Economic Understanding" series.
Telephone Tactics
Film intended to instruct Westinghouse call-takers on good telephone customer service. Presents the "7 steps to good call-taking:" mechanics of the job, proper identification, getting the facts, proper attitude, effective action, the close, and the follow-up, and demonstrates examples of both poor and skilled phone etiquette. Featuring Brook Taylor, Ceil Klein, Nick Peters, Gloria Willis, and Frank Stevens.
Plant Breeding for Better Farming
Instructional film for Indiana corn growers. Highlights "the tireless and and never-ceasing work of the plant breeders, university agronomists, and others who are striving for better crop production through the development and distribution of new, superior crop varieties." Part of the Key to Better Farming series.
Captain Glenn's Bandwagon
Glenn Rowell hosts an episode of the local children's television program "Captain Glenn's Bandwagon," based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rowell sings, converses with puppets, and says a prayer at the end of the show.
Westinghouse Electric Sharon Transformer Plant 1955 labor strike
The Westinghouse Company's perspective on what transpired during the 1955 labor dispute at the Sharon, Pennsylvania, electric transformer plant.