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    Cinecraft Productions was founded in 1939 by Ray Culley (1904-1983) and Betty (Buehner) Culley (1914-2016) in Cleveland, Ohio. Cinecraft specializes in commercial productions for business, industry, trade organizations, and, in some cases, government agencies and social service organizations. Cinecraft is still in business and rightfully claims itself the “country's longest-standing corporate film & video production house.”
    This collection includes motion pictures, still images, scripts and related production documents from the company's founding into the early 1980s with the bulk covering the 1950s to the 1970s. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety but we are currently making frequent additions.
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    Image: Production still from making of The Miracle on Mulberry Street for Seiberling Rubber Company in 1948. The photograph was taken at the Cinecraft Studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

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A Housing System
Film presenting the Republic Steel concept for a modern, single-family home. Uses a scale model to show off the novel, private design that would fit well in any growing American neighborhood. Created for the Department of Housing and Urban Development's "Operation Breakthrough" project. Sub-systems by American Standard, Inc., Climatrol Industries, Inc., Emerson Electric Company, Bob Schmitt Homes, Inc., and The Tappan Company. Architect: Edward A. Schmitt.
Your City's Housekeeper
Campaign advertisement for Frank R. Franko, mayor of Youngstown, Ohio, who ran for re-election in 1961. Two of Youngstown's top engineers, Mr. Anthony Aurilio and Mr. J. Philip Richley (who himself became mayor of Youngstown in 1978), discuss the city's municipal projects and community improvements while praising Franko for his outstanding leadership. The film ends with Mayor Franko discussing the construction of new expressways around Youngstown.
You Are a Millionaire
Campaign film for Frank R. Franko, mayor of Youngstown, Ohio, who ran for re-election in 1961. A woman named Doris Callaghan visits Youngstown City Hall and meets with Mayor Franko and Finance Director Abe Harshman to learn more about her community's finances and where taxpayer money is spent. The film ends with Callaghan pledging to vote for Mayor Franko in the upcoming election.
Change is the Price of Survial
Promotional film for the Carrier Corporation. The first minute contains a variety of industrial-type sound effects only, such as a locomotive engine, drill, ship horn, and more. The remainder uses a triptych screen technique to present a variety of images and clips as a narrator encourages the viewer to embrace social and economic change in order to stay afloat in the business world. " the price of survival."
Alaska: The End of the Road
Film promoting British Petroleum's oil ventures in Alaska, focusing on the construction of the Trans-Alaska pipeline system from Prudhoe Bay Oil Field to Valdez. Details how BP employees assembled the system through 800 miles of Alaska wilderness. Directed by John Armstrong; camera: Arthur Wooster; editor: Terence Twigg; commentary: Derek Williams; graphics: Camera Effects; composer: Edward Williams; conductor: Marcus Dods; camera assistant: Mike Evans; dubbing: Trevor Pyke.
Treasure Lake: Atlanta
Short promotional spot for the new Treasure Lake housing development and recreational subdivision outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Shows residents at the Treasure Lake, Pennsylvania location enjoying a variety of activities, including sailing, golfing, horseback riding, and more.
Bonne Bell: Ten-O-Six Lotion
Animated television commercial for Bonne Bell's Ten-O-Six Lotion, an antiseptic face cleanser.
Leisy's Light beer commercial, version 3
Television commercial promoting Leisy's Light beer. Includes footage of the Leisy brewing facility in Cleveland, Ohio.