Jim Culley interview

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  • Introduction/Early Life and Career
    Partial Transcript: So, we are successfully recording.
    Synopsis: Jim Culley details his early life and career including his service during the Vietnam War and time teaching at the University of Delaware. Culley also describes his decision to work for DuPont instead of working at University of Northern Illinois.
    Keywords: DuPont; Hologic; marketing; marketing communications; Vietnam War
  • Work with DuPont
    Partial Transcript: And the product that really took
    Synopsis: Culley recounts his time at DuPont and his work with Stainmaster Carpet. After giving a speech at DuPont, Culley got more involved in the x-ray and medical imaging side of DuPont and explains their decision to work in the field of mammography.
    Keywords: Debbie Dubois; DuPont; mammography; Stainmaster Carpet; Tom McAndrew; x-ray technology
  • Decision to work in Marketing and Advertising
    Partial Transcript: If I could jump backwards
    Synopsis: In this segment, Culley explains why he decided to go into marketing and advertising and in doing so he tells of his time at Michigan State and then working overseas with the car industry in Japan and Great Britain
    Keywords: Bill Lazor; Charles Yang; Great Britain; Japan; Michigan State; Mitsubishi
  • Early work with x-ray technology
    Partial Transcript: So when you did start at DuPont
    Synopsis: Culley details his first roles at DuPont and tells a story of how he was the number one flyer on Southwest Airlines out of Philadelphia due to company travel. Culley also goes into the beginning of the process of making x-ray detectors
    Keywords: Boston; DuPont; intel; Picker; research analyst; Southwest Airlines; Tom Umbel
  • Hologic's Work with Medical Imaging
    Partial Transcript: I'm not sure where to go from there
    Synopsis: Culley goes into detail about Hologic's work with x-ray film and mammography, and the popularity of digital mammography system in places like Thailand and Mexico
    Keywords: 3D mammogram; Bill Clinton; DuPont; Germany; Hologic; Jay Stein; mammography; Thailand; thin film transistor; titanium dioxide
  • Company Culture and Changes at DuPont
    Partial Transcript: So what was it like moving
    Synopsis: Culley explains his move from DuPont to Hologic and talks about the company culture at DuPont and some of the changes this culture went through over time
    Keywords: company culture; David Ellenbogen; DuPont; Jack Cumming; Jay Stein; Pam Cumming; Sterling Diagnostic Imaging; Tom McAndrews
  • Live Mammogram on Good Morning America
    Partial Transcript: Sure, go ahead. By all means.
    Synopsis: Culley tells the story of how Hologic worked with Good Morning America to broadcast a 2D mammogram live on the show, and how it discovered that anchor Amy Roebuck had breast cancer
    Keywords: 3D mammogram; Amy Roebuck; breast cancer awareness; Good Morning America; Times Square
  • Marketing Hologic's Digital Detector
    Partial Transcript: So it seems like
    Synopsis: Culley recounts how Hologic worked to build their digital detector and how he marketed this technology through trade shows and working with hospitals
    Keywords: Amy Roebuck; Analogic; digital mammograms; General Electric; Hologic; Mass General Hospital; Radiological Society of North America; Sheryl Crowe; women's imaging
  • Getting Hospitals to adopt this system/FDA Approval
    Partial Transcript: So I think that leaves us quite naturally
    Synopsis: In this segment, Culley explains how Hologic convinced hospitals and doctors to use their 3D mammography machine, while also detailing how 3D mammography got approved by the FDA and foreign regulatory agencies.
    Keywords: 3D mammography; Cleveland Clinic; Direct Radiography; FDA; Federal Drug Administration; foreign regulatory agencies; tomosynthesis
  • Relationship with Insurance Companies and Trade Organizations
    Partial Transcript: So we're kind of talking about this out of order
    Synopsis: Culley talks about working with insurance companies and outside trade organizations and how they play into the process of 3D mammography. Culley also touches on two pieces of legislation, the Sunshine Act and the Mammography Quality Standards Act which impacted Hologic's work.
    Keywords: American Cancer Society; American Medical Association; Computer Aided Detection; Ecri; Hologic; Mammography Quality Standards Act; MD Buyline; medical insurance; Sunshine Act
  • The Aunt Minnie Program/ Philanthropic Work
    Partial Transcript: This might be a good time to talk about
    Synopsis: Culley explains how "Aunt Minnie" an online channel and newsletter helped get the word out about Hologic and digital mammography. Culley also details some of the philanthropic work that Hologic was involved in, including Race Across America, Remote Area Medical, and the progeria foundation
    Keywords: Aunt Minnie; breast cancer; Hologic; Kat Berge; Remote Area Medical; Stan Brock; The Sahara
  • Changes in Marketing during Career
    Partial Transcript: So I think there's probably a couple of questions
    Synopsis: Culley talks about the changes in marketing during the course of his career, especially the use of the internet and social media.
    Keywords: Go Fund Me; Lyrca; marketing; social media; television
  • Typical Day of Career/Favorite Part
    Partial Transcript: Interesting. So what was a typical day
    Synopsis: Culley tells a story from his time teaching at the University of Delaware when students had to do a marketing project for Ford Motor Company, this leads Culley into talking about why he left teaching.
    Keywords: Ford Motor Company; marketing campaign; University of Delaware
  • Success of Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So in your view
    Synopsis: In this segment Culley describes the most important decisions that Hologic made, including a move into mammography and hiring certain people.
    Keywords: DuPont; Hologic; LowRad; mammography; Steve MacMillan
  • Reflections on Career/End of Interview
    Partial Transcript: So what parts of your career
    Synopsis: Culley reflects on his career, especially the decision not to work for his father's studio and how the studio is operating today.
    Keywords: DuPont; Hologic; marketing skills; Pam Cumming; Tom McAndrews

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