Pam Cumming interview

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  • Education and Early Career
    Partial Transcript: Today is July 15h, 2020
    Synopsis: In this segment, Pam Cumming talks about her college experience and what led her to work in the marketing department of Life Imaging, a medical imaging start-up
    Keywords: Boulder, CO; breast cancer; breast imaging; Hologic; Life Imaging; marketing; ultrasound
  • Career after Life Imaging
    Partial Transcript: So what happened after
    Synopsis: Cumming details her professional career after Life Imaging was forced to close, she mentions work with Xerox, consulting work, and work in spanish-speaking countries.
    Keywords: breast imaging; Chicago, IL; GE; General Electric; mammography; Phillips; Siemens; Xerox
  • Evolution of Mammography
    Partial Transcript: And then you'd said that
    Synopsis: In this segment, Cumming explains how mammography changed over time and the influence that legislation had on practices and procedures
    Keywords: cancer; GE; General Electric; Hologic; mammography; Mammography Quality Standards Act; MQSA; radiology; Siemens; x-ray
  • Experiences at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So you started at Hologic
    Synopsis: Cumming explains how she ended up working for Hologic and her role in the transition after Hologic acquired Lorad as well as her time working in the marketing and communications side of the company
    Keywords: bone density; breast imaging; Hologic; Lorad; Radiological Society of North America; RSNA
  • Industrial Design/Changes to Department
    Partial Transcript: So when you were
    Synopsis: In this segment, Cumming begins by talking about industrial design and the process of making mammography systems appealing and comfortable. She then walks through some of the changes that occurred during her time at Hologic
    Keywords: Boston, MA; Hologic; industrial design; Lorad; mammography; Radiological Society of North America; RSNA
  • Typical Work Day
    Partial Transcript: So what did a
    Synopsis: In this segment, Cumming discusses what a typical day at Hologic looked like for her, and she mentions her work with communications and marketing
    Keywords: advertising; Bedford, MA; Cytech; Hologic; Jim Culley; marketing; women's health
  • Marketing Process
    Partial Transcript: So I'm pretty naive
    Synopsis: Cumming explains her process of creating a marketing campaign at Hologic and talks about the specific campaign for tomosynthesis
    Keywords: digital mammography; General Electric; Hologic; marketing; MQSA; radiology; tomosynthesis
  • Work with Patients and Customers
    Partial Transcript: So you've talked about
    Synopsis: Cumming talks about her work with customers; radiologists, doctors, hospital staff and how this new technology ultimately helped patients
    Keywords: Hologic; mammography; MQSA; radiologists; technologists
  • Legislative Impacts
    Partial Transcript: And that's just the
    Synopsis: In this segment, Cumming discusses the process of making the argument of reimbursement for tomosynthesis and the impact that legislation had on her work
    Keywords: Affordable Care Act; FDA; insurance; Medicaid; Medicare; MQSA; Obamacare; reimbursement; Sunshine Act; tomosynthesis
  • Marketing Tomosynthesis
    Partial Transcript: So did you encounter
    Synopsis: Cumming details her strategies for convincing medical professional to buy and use tomosynthesis systems and the opposition that she faced in this process
    Keywords: American College of Radiology; mammography; Radiological Society of North America; radiology; RSNA; tomosynthesis
  • Work with Outside Organizations
    Partial Transcript: So what was the most
    Synopsis: In this segment, Cumming discusses her work with outside organizations from a marketing and philanthropic standpoint
    Keywords: health fairs; Hologic; Radiological Society of North America; Susan G. Komen Foundation; trade shows
  • Reflections on Career pt.1
    Partial Transcript: Sure so what were
    Synopsis: Cumming reflects on her time at Hologic and explains some of the tough moments and her preference of working for smaller companies
    Keywords: General Electric; Hologic; Phillips
  • Reflections on Career pt. 2
    Partial Transcript: So what were the first and last
    Synopsis: Cumming talks about her career including her proudest moment at Hologic and what it felt like to do such important work
    Keywords: General Electric; Hologic; HPV; mammography; radiologists; Selenia

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