Lothar Jeromin interview

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  • Early Career with Xerox
    Partial Transcript: Okay, we're recording
    Synopsis: In this segment, Jeromin discusses his work with Xerox in the product development department and mentions the process of Xerox Medical Systems being sold
    Keywords: Denny Lee; DuPont; Germany; Kodak; Pasadena, California; Phillips; product development; Xerox
  • Work at DuPont
    Partial Transcript: So the deal was off
    Synopsis: Jeromin talks about his work with DuPont after leaving Xerox, and specifically focuses on his development of direct radiography
    Keywords: Cornell Williams; Delaware; Denny Lee; direct radiography; DuPont; Fuji; George Robinson; Hosiden; Kobe, Japan; Kodak; Lawrence Chung; selenium; Xerox
  • Development of Direct Radiography
    Partial Transcript: So the company Hosiden
    Synopsis: Jeromin details the development of direct radiography while at DuPont. He talks about working with international companies to produce selenium panels and the manufacturing process
    Keywords: DuPont Medical Products; Environmental Protection Agency; Glasgow; Hologic; Hosiden; Jim Culley; Noranda; selenium; Sterling Diagnostic Imaging
  • Work with Hologic
    Partial Transcript: And so we found a vendor
    Synopsis: In this segment, Jeromin talks about his work with Hologic and how he used the direct radiographic detector within mammographic imaging
    Keywords: direct radiography detector; General Radiography; Hologic; Jim Culley; mammography; tomographic device
  • Work at Xerox vs. DuPont
    Partial Transcript: So with your time at
    Synopsis: Jeromin compares his time working at Xerox to his time at DuPont, he specifically refers to the differences in transitioning from film to digital
    Keywords: digital x-ray; DuPont; Kodak; Sterling Diagnostic Imaging; Xerox
  • Work at DuPont vs. Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So relatedly, to comparing
    Synopsis: In this segment, Jeromin compares his work at Dupont to his work at Hologic, noting the differences in management styles and company focus
    Keywords: DuPont; Hologic; Jay Stein; Xerox
  • Dental Imaging/Product Development Work
    Partial Transcript: I'm just checking my notes
    Synopsis: Jeromin explains his experience working with dental imaging at Xerox as well as his time at Hologic working in product development
    Keywords: Denny Lee; Harvard; Hosiden; Intra-Oral Dental Radiography; selenium; Xerox
  • Challenges of Direct Radiography
    Partial Transcript: So, of all the
    Synopsis: In this segment, Jeromin explains the challenges of developing direct radiography and how presenting at the RSNA conference helped convince customers of this system
    Keywords: Chicago; Direct Radiography; DuPont; Hologic; Radiological Society of North America; RSNA; Xerox
  • Work with the FDA
    Partial Transcript: And then, in the
    Synopsis: Jeromin explains his experiences working with the FDA when developing products
    Keywords: coronavirus; FDA; Federal Drug Administration; Hologic; marketing
  • Why Mammography/Direct Radiography
    Partial Transcript: So maybe I should have
    Synopsis: In this segment, Jeromin explains why he decided to work with mammography and why he developed direct radiography. He also explains other uses of direct radiography, outside of mammography
    Keywords: 125 System; direct radiology; Fuji; Hologic; mammography; specimen radiology; Thomas Jefferson Hospital; Xerox
  • Reflections on Career
    Partial Transcript: So what would you
    Synopsis: Jeromin reflects on his career and tells of his proudest moments and anything he would change throughout his career
    Keywords: DuPont; General Dynamics; Hologic; mammography; product development; x-ray imaging; Xerox
  • Work in Asia
    Partial Transcript: So is there anything
    Synopsis: Jeromin discusses his time working in Asia and with the japanese company Hosiden. He also mentions his philanthropy work that helped the company after an earthquake
    Keywords: China; Denny Lee; earthquake; Hosiden; Japan; Kobe, Japan; Korea
  • Personal Charity Work/Final Thoughts
    Partial Transcript: And so, but personally
    Synopsis: Jeromin mentions his personal philanthropy work in other countries and offers some final thoughts for the interview
    Keywords: Costa Rica; DuPont; Hagley; Mexico; Mike Downs; South Africa

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