Loren Niklason interview

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  • Early Life and Education
    Partial Transcript: Okay so we're recording
    Synopsis: In this segment, Loren Niklason discusses his early life and education as well as his with tomosynthesis
    Keywords: bioengineering; Boeing; breast imaging; Harvard; medical physics; tomosynthesis; University of Alabama Birmingham; University of Michigan; University of Utah
  • Development of Breast Tomosynthesis pt. 1
    Partial Transcript: I applied for a patent
    Synopsis: Niklason discusses the early stages of breast tomosynthesis, starting from the patent in 1995, the stages of clinical trials, and then his work with General Electric and Hologic
    Keywords: 2D mammography; breast tomosynthesis; digital mammography; FDA; Federal Drug Administration; General Electric; Hologic; Jay Stein
  • Development of Breast Tomosynthesis pt. 2
    Partial Transcript: So by this time
    Synopsis: In continuing his discussion of breast tomosynthesis, Niklason explains the process of receiving FDA approval and publishing papers and studies on this technology
    Keywords: 3D Mammography; Europe; FDA; General Electric; JAMA; Journal of the American Medical Association; radiologists; Siemens; tomosynthesis
  • Hologic and Breast Tomosynthesis
    Partial Transcript: Well maybe I should
    Synopsis: Niklason details the ways in which Hologic worked to establish breast tomosynthesis, especially on account of the leadership of Jay Stein
    Keywords: C-View; Chris Ruth; FDA; General Electric; Hologic; Jay Stein; Siemens
  • Background on Tomosynthesis
    Partial Transcript: I was wondering
    Synopsis: In this segment, Niklason describes what tomosynthesis is and how is compares to standard mammography. He also discusses the 25-year process of this technology, from approval to fruition
    Keywords: breast cancer; General Electric; Harvard; Hologic; Jay Stein; mammography; x-ray
  • Tomosynthesis vs. Breast Tomosynthesis
    Partial Transcript: So I sort of
    Synopsis: Niklason discusses the difference between standard tomosynthesis imaging and breast tomosynthesis imaging, he also points to the development of the flat panel digital detector as a crucial breakthrough in this system
    Keywords: CT Scan; digital mammography; Flat Panel Digital Detector; General Electric; tomosynthesis
  • Advantages and Challenges of Tomosynthesis
    Partial Transcript: Sorry, I'm catching up
    Synopsis: In this segment, Niklason explains the advantages and unique nature of tomosynthesis as well as its challenges, especially in comparison to standard mammograms
    Keywords: CT imaging; Hologic; mammogram; radiologists; tomosynthesis; x-rays
  • Motivation for Working at Hologic/Early Years at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So, did anything in particular
    Synopsis: Niklason talks about how he ended up working in the women's health field and how his relationship with Jay Stein led him to work for Hologic. He also discusses the early days at Hologic and his main responsibilities
    Keywords: Army Breast Cancer Research Program; Boston; breast imaging; Chicago; FDA; Hologic; Jay Stein; Radiological Society of North America; RSNA; University of Michigan; Waltham, MA
  • Convincing People to Adopt Tomosynthesis
    Partial Transcript: And then you said
    Synopsis: Niklason, in explaining his role of persuading professionals to use tomosynthesis, mentions that academic publications, clinical trials, and presentations were effective in convincing people to adopt this technology
    Keywords: FDA; JAMA; Journal of Radiology; Journal of the American Medical Association; mammogram; RSNA
  • Work with the FDA/Differences between U.S. and Europe
    Partial Transcript: So, if you don't mind
    Synopsis: In this segment, Niklason talks about his work with the FDA and other regulatory agencies, he also mentions the differences of working with tomosynthesis in the United States compared to Europe
    Keywords: CE Mark; China; FDA; Hologic; Japan; mammography; Massachusetts General Hospital; Oslo; tomosynthesis
  • Good vs. Bad Days/Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging
    Partial Transcript: Interesting. So what was
    Synopsis: In this segment, Niklason says what were some good and bad days working at Hologic and then goes into an explanation of the Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trials (TMIST)
    Keywords: Boston; Hologic; invasive breast cancer; TMIST; tomosynthesis; Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial
  • Reflections on Career
    Partial Transcript: So what would you say
    Synopsis: In this final segment, Niklason reflects on his career with Hologic and mentions the most and least rewarding aspects of his career
    Keywords: FDA; Hologic; JAMA; Jay Stein; Journal of the American Medical Association; Tomosynthesis

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