John Pekarsky interview

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  • Early Education and Career
    Partial Transcript: Okay we're live
    Synopsis: In this segment John Pekarsky talks about his early life in Irwin, PA and how his educational experiences led him to work in sales for Siemens
    Keywords: Hologic; Irwin, PA; Motorola; Ronald Reagan; San Fransisco, CA; Siemens; University of Pittsburgh
  • Work for Siemens
    Partial Transcript: I believe another question
    Synopsis: Pekarsky discusses his work as an MRI sales specialists at Siemens and the different roles he held with the company throughout his time there
    Keywords: General Electric; Germany; Knoxville, TN; Nashville, TN; New Jersey; Phillips; San Fransisco, CA; Siemens
  • Selling Medical Equipment
    Partial Transcript: Let's talk a bit about
    Synopsis: Pekarsky explains his strategy and method for selling medical equipment and offers his thoughts on the best practices for this role
    Keywords: General Electric; Hologic; Johnson & Johnson; radiology; Research and Development; Siemens
  • Important Qualities of Salespeople
    Partial Transcript: No, no we dont'
    Synopsis: In this segment Pekarsky details the qualities that made salespeople successful and what he looked for when hiring salespeople at Hologic
    Keywords: General Electric; Hologic; Siemens
  • Path to Hologic
    Partial Transcript: Well before we get
    Synopsis: Pekarsky walks through the end of his time at Siemens at what led him to work for Hologic and eventually become their Senior Vice President of Sales
    Keywords: Boston, MA; Hologic; Jack Cummings; LoRad; mammography; radiology; Siemens; Trex Medical
  • Major Sales Changes at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So where do we
    Synopsis: Pekarsky discusses the changes that he made to the sales team and approach while at Hologic
    Keywords: bone densitometry; Hologic; Jim Culley; LoRad; mammography; Tucson, AZ
  • Major Sales Changes at Hologic pt. 2
    Partial Transcript: And so I thought
    Synopsis: In this segment, Pekarsky continues his discussion of the changes he made at Hologic and specifically talks about some improvements to the sales staff
    Keywords: General Electric; Hologic; Jack Cummings; Jay Stein; Siemens; Stanford University; Tom Umbel; tomosynthesis
  • Major Sales Changes at Hologic pt.3
    Partial Transcript: So that was
    Synopsis: Pekarsky continues talking about the changes and improvements to the Hologic sales team that he led and was a part of
    Keywords: Bedford, MA; CT Scan; General Electric; Hologic; Jack Cummings; Jay Stein; Mammography; Siemens; Tom Umbel
  • Sales Practices at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: Right, right a simple
    Synopsis: Pekarsky talks about some of the sales practices he implemented and prioritized at Hologic, including leasing
    Keywords: bone densitometry; Digital Mammography; General Electric; Hologic; tomosynthesis
  • Sales Awards Program
    Partial Transcript: So I mentioned the
    Synopsis: Pekarsky talks about the sales awards program he implemented for the top salespeople in the company
    Keywords: breast cancer awareness; Hologic; Paris, France; Siemens; Venice, Italy
  • Culture of the Sales Team
    Partial Transcript: So the other big
    Synopsis: In this segment Pekarsky details the culture of the sales team and specifically mentions some of the changes he made to their meetings
    Keywords: Jack Cummings; Jay Stein; Oprah Winfrey; Radiological Society of North America
  • Company Growth/Selling Medical Equipment
    Partial Transcript: Yeah well here
    Synopsis: Pekarsky explains how the sales team influenced and was impacted by company growth and talks about sales practices for medical equipment
    Keywords: Hologic; MRI
  • Daily Experiences at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: Oh I know
    Synopsis: Pekarsky talks about good vs. bad days at Hologic and some of the specific ways he formed relationships with colleagues and pitched new ideas
    Keywords: Bedford, MA; Jack Cumming; Jim Culley; Tom Umbel
  • Changing Companies in Sales/Trade Organizations
    Partial Transcript: You asked why
    Synopsis: Pekarsky discusses why salespeople would switch companies and the Hologic turnover rate. He also describes the trade organizations that Hologic was a part of
    Keywords: American Hospitals Radiology Administrators; Hologic; mammography; market share; McCormick Place Convention Center; Radiological Society of North America
  • Work with Insurance Companies and Government Agencies
    Partial Transcript: And I think the
    Synopsis: Pekarsky explains how changes in insurance policy impacted Hologic and his experiences dealing with the FDA and FTC
    Keywords: Federal Drug Administration; Federal Trade Commission; General Electric; Hologic; Insurance; Jack Cummings; Kaiser Permanente; Mayo Clinic; Radiology; Siemens; Tom Umbel
  • National Accounts/Sales Experiences
    Partial Transcript: I do want to mention
    Synopsis: Pekarsky talks about his work with "national accounts" and some of the specific experiences he had over the course of his sales career
    Keywords: Alaska; General Electric; Hologic; Jay Stein; Kaiser; mammography; National Accounts; Siemens
  • Advice for a Sales Career
    Partial Transcript: In fact there was
    Synopsis: In this segment, Pekarsky discusses qualifications for a career in sales and offers advice to those hoping to have a career like his
    Keywords: Chicago; Hologic; Jack Cummings
  • Impact of Hologic's Equipment/Final Thoughts
    Partial Transcript: So how we doing
    Synopsis: Pekarsky talks about meeting with people who were impacted by the medical equipment that Hologic sold and how this work impacted him personally. He then offers some final thoughts and reflections on his career.
    Keywords: DuPont; General Electric; Hologic; Jack Cummings; Jim Culley; Kaiser; Mammography; PET Scan; Phillips; Siemens

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