Andy Smith interview

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  • Introduction/Journey to Hologic
    Partial Transcript: Just an audio version
    Synopsis: In this segment Dr. Andy Smith talks about his education and early career with Hologic
    Keywords: Boston University Medical Center; Brookhaven National Labs; David Ellenbogen; Hologic; Jay Stein; mammography; neuroimaging; nuclear physics
  • Digital vs. Film in Mammography and Medical Imaging pt. 1
    Partial Transcript: So, Jim told me
    Synopsis: Smith discusses how breast cancer imaging compares to other types of medical imaging including x-rays. Smith also explains why the switch from film to digital detection improved detection
    Keywords: breast cancer; breast cancer screening; mammography; medical imaging; radiation; x-ray
  • Digital Mammography
    Partial Transcript: I described x-ray. That is by no means the only one.
    Synopsis: Smith talks about the different types of screening and imaging methods for breast cancer and the benefits of 3D mammography in breast cancer screening
    Keywords: 3D mammography; breast cancer; mammography; radiology; tomosynthesis
  • Regulations with Mammography
    Partial Transcript: So, you talked earlier
    Synopsis: Smith discusses the level of radiation present in mammograms and compares that level to natural radiation and the medical limit for radiation in imaging
    Keywords: mammography; radiation; regulatory limits
  • Taking Risks During Career
    Partial Transcript: Yeah. Like if you were pursuing something new
    Synopsis: Smith weighs the risks he took in his career, including starting a company and his time developing 3D mammography systems at Hologic
    Keywords: 3D mammography; FDA; Hologic
  • Work with Regulatory Agencies/Biopsy Equipment
    Partial Transcript: So earlier, you talked about
    Synopsis: Smith recounts his relationship with the FDA and other international regulatory agencies. He then discusses Hologic's recent move into biopsy equipment.
    Keywords: 3D mammography; biopsy; breast tomosynthesis; contrast imaging; FDA; IEC
  • Comfort and Efficacy/Impact of COVID-19
    Partial Transcript: So, how do you balance something
    Synopsis: Smith explains how Hologic balanced patient comfort with clinical efficacy when designing mammography equipment, he also remarks on how COVID-19 is impacting medical imaging.
    Keywords: clinical efficacy; COVID-19; Hologic; mammography; SmartCurve
  • Work in Women's Health/Security and Storage of Digital Images
    Partial Transcript: Great. So, to shift back
    Synopsis: In this segment Smith begins by talking about Hologic as a company focused on women's health an then discusses the process of figuring out how to store mammographic images while keeping them secure.
    Keywords: bone density; DICOM; digital mammography; FDA; Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; HIPAA; Hologic; mammographic images; mammography; women's health
  • Patenting at Hologic/Work with Insurance Companies
    Partial Transcript: Alright. So, you'd also talked about
    Synopsis: Smith explains his experience with patents while at Hologic and then discusses the ways in which insurance companies played a role in the development and acceptance of new imaging systems
    Keywords: breast cancer; Hologic; insurance; patents
  • What Changed and Didn't Change while at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: Okay. So since 1999
    Synopsis: Smith explains that the transition from analog to digital mammography was the biggest change during his career, and in contrast what hasn't changed is that outside of the United States, 3D mammography is not popular
    Keywords: 2D mammography; 3D mammography; clinical studies; European Union
  • Reflections on Career
    Partial Transcript: So, looking back over your whole career
    Synopsis: Smith details some of his proudest moments of his career, especially talking with doctors and some of the bad days, including the switch to remote work due to COVID-19
    Keywords: COVID-19; FDA; Hologic; mammogram images
  • Overseas Work/End of Interview
    Partial Transcript: Yeah. So we've done a lot of comparing
    Synopsis: Smith briefly discusses his work in Asia and South America, where he spoke about medical imaging and scientific technology, and then concludes the interview with final thoughts on Hologic.
    Keywords: Asia; General Electric; Hologic; South America; x-ray bone densitometry

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