Jay Stein interview, part 1

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  • Introduction/Education and Early Career
    Partial Transcript: Okay. So today is June 26th, 2020.
    Synopsis: Stein begins the interview by discussing his high school, college, and postgraduate education experiences and how his expertise and knowledge in x-ray astronomy led him to work for a company called American Science and Engineering.
    Keywords: American Science and Engineering; Brown University; Jersey City, NJ; NASA; physics; X-ray Astronomy
  • Work with American Science and Engineering
    Partial Transcript: So what came after American Science and Engineering, and about how long were you there?
    Synopsis: Stein describes the projects that he worked on while employed at American Science and Engineering; baggage x-ray inspection equipment used at airports and federal buildings and CT scanners. Stein details the motivation for undertaking these projects and his role in each of these tasks.
    Keywords: American Science and Engineering; baggage inspection system; CT scanner; Godfrey Hounsfield (1919-2004); X-ray inspection
  • Origins of Hologic
    Partial Transcript: Does this bring us up to your first company then that you founded?
    Synopsis: Stein explains how he and David Ellenbogen left American Science and Engineering and formed a company called Diagnostic Testing which made medical x-ray imaging systems. After selling Diagnostic Testing, Stein and Ellenbogen decided to start another company dedicated to building a bone densitometer using x-rays.
    Keywords: American Science and Engineering; David Ellenbogen; Diagnostic Technology; Hologic; osteoporosis; physicists; SQUIBB
  • Origins of Hologic pt. 2
    Partial Transcript: If I could jump around a little bit
    Synopsis: Stein first explains his interest in medicine and how that drew him to work with medical imaging technologies. White then tells the story of the name Hologic was decided on.
    Keywords: Analogic; Bernard Gordon; David Ellenbogen; Hologic; holotomographic scan; X-ray technology
  • Hologic and baggage inspection systems/Impact of terrorist attacks
    Partial Transcript: I'm just catching up on my notes
    Synopsis: Stein describes the way in which terrorist attacks on airplanes, such as PanAm Flight 103, triggered a rise in airline and airport security that then led to Hologic to build a baggage system to inspect checked bags instead of carry-on luggage.
    Keywords: 9/11; baggage inspection legislation; baggage inspection systems; David Ellenbogen; Hologic; PanAm 103; terrorism; Vivid Technologies
  • Hologic's bone density scanner
    Partial Transcript: So how did you convince people
    Synopsis: Stein walks through the development of the Hologic's bone density scanner and how they convinced people to buy this scanner over other scanners on the market
    Keywords: Eddie Copans; Hologic; product development; Radiological Society of North America; radiosotope
  • Hologic's work with Mammography
    Partial Transcript: So what comes after the bone density?
    Synopsis: Stein explains Hologic's move into mammography technology by first sharing a humorous story about David Ellenbogen and then going into the logistics of starting this endeavor, making mammography machines using digital detectors instead of film.
    Keywords: David Ellenbogen; Direct Radiography Corporation; General Electric; Hologic; mammography; x-ray technology
  • Relationship between Direct Radiography Corporation (DRC) and DuPont/Employees who came to DRC from DuPont
    Partial Transcript: Okay. So let's talk about that for a minute
    Synopsis: Stein begins to discuss the relationship between Direct Radiography Corporation (DRC), which Hologic acquired, and DuPont. He mentions several employees from DuPont and DRC who were crucial in the two companies interest in developing digital technologies
    Keywords: Denny Lee; Direct Radiography Corporation; DuPont; Hologic; Lothar Jeromin; x-ray film
  • End of Interview
    Partial Transcript: I'm just writing stuff down
    Synopsis: Stein talks about scheduling another interview
    Keywords: Hologic

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