Jay Stein interview, part 2

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  • Introduction/Acquisition of Direct Radiography Corporation
    Partial Transcript: Well all right
    Synopsis: Stein discusses the decision for Hologic to acquire Direct Radiology Corporation (DRC) as Hologic was interested in moving into digital radiology and the field of mammography
    Keywords: business acquisition; David Ellenbogen; digital radiology; Direct Radiography Corporation; Hologic; Jack Cumming
  • Relationship with David Ellenbogen
    Partial Transcript: I'm wondering if we could
    Synopsis: Stein talks about his relationship with David Ellenbogen in both their business ventures and as friends
    Keywords: American Science and Engineering; David Ellenbogen; entrepreneurship; Hologic
  • Company Culture at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So how did you maintain
    Synopsis: Stein describes what the company culture at Hologic was like, and how he and David Ellenbogen worked to treat their employees as friends
    Keywords: company culture; David Ellenbogen; Hologic
  • Beginnings of Mammography/Acquisition of Lorad
    Partial Transcript: Okay. So before we went down that little side trip
    Synopsis: In explaining how Hologic started to get into the mammography business, Stein tells the story of how Hologic acquired a company called Lorad over their rival Kodak
    Keywords: direct radiography detector; Hologic; Kodak; Lorad; Mammography; Thermo Fisher
  • Preparation for mammography/Merging acquired companies
    Partial Transcript: Right. And from there
    Synopsis: Stein explains how Hologic prepared to work in the mammography field while also balancing the merger of three companies into Hologic
    Keywords: company culture; corporate culture; Hologic; Lorad; mammography
  • Hologic and the FDA
    Partial Transcript: Okay. Yeah. Where was I?
    Synopsis: Stein discusses his interaction with the FDA while at Hologic
    Keywords: 3-D mammography; FDA; Federal Drug Administration; government regulations; Hologic; pre-market approval; tomosynthesis
  • Recent projects/developments at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: Right. So what are some of Hologic's
    Synopsis: Stein mentions some of Hologic's more recent projects including the development of a curved mammography paddle
    Keywords: Artificial intelligence; General Electric; Hologic; mammography; x-ray imaging
  • Highlights of career with Hologic/Customer acceptance
    Partial Transcript: So my next little batch of couple questions
    Synopsis: Stein reflects on the highs and lows of his career with Hologic and how he worked to get customers onboard with new products and technologies
    Keywords: customer acceptance; customer appreciation; Radiology Society of North America; RSNA; trade show; x-ray improvement
  • Main contributors to Hologic's success/End of interview
    Partial Transcript: So second to last question
    Synopsis: Stein talks about how correct technology and proper company culture made Hologic a successful company and concludes his interview
    Keywords: company culture; Hologic; technological improvements

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