Tom Umbel interview

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  • Early Career
    Partial Transcript: We are about to be recording
    Synopsis: In this segment, Tom Umbel discusses his career path and work with DuPont, Hologic and Seno Medical
    Keywords: chemical engineer; DuPont; Hologic; Jim Culley; medical x-ray; Seno Medical
  • Changes During Career
    Partial Transcript: So you started off
    Synopsis: Umbel talks about his switch from working as a chemical engineer to working as a business analyst as well as the transition from film to digital detection
    Keywords: Berg Electronics; Denny Lee; digital detector; DuPont; Hologic; Lothar Jeromin; mammography; Xerox
  • Projects at Hologic/Business Acquisition
    Partial Transcript: So you guys had
    Synopsis: Umbel talks about the time he spent developing technologies and then explains the process of Hologic buying the medical imaging part of DuPont
    Keywords: Agfa; David Ellenbogen; DuPont; Hologic; Jack Cumming; Kodak; LG; Phillips; Radiological Society of North America; RSNA; Sterling Diagnostic Imaging; TFT
  • Work at Hologic vs. Other Companies
    Partial Transcript: Wow. So how did the
    Synopsis: In this segment, Umbel explains the culture and specifics of working for DuPont and Hologic
    Keywords: digital mammography; DuPont; Hologic; Jack Cumming; Rob Cascella
  • TFT Manufacturing
    Partial Transcript: So if I could ask you
    Synopsis: Umbel details the negotiations and business dealings that went into finding a supplier for TFT or thin film transistors
    Keywords: Denny Lee; FDA; LG; Lothar Jeromin; Seno Medical; Taipei; thin film transistor; x-ray detector; x-ray energy
  • Technology Developments
    Partial Transcript: So since you were working
    Synopsis: Umbel talks about the technological advancements that were made during the switch from film to digital mammography
    Keywords: digital mammography; General Electric; Hologic; Lorad; mammography; radiography; Trex Medical
  • Challenges and Noteworthy Moments
    Partial Transcript: Can you tell me
    Synopsis: In this segment, Umbel describes some of the challenges of his career, including finding funding as well as some of the more noteworthy momements
    Keywords: Cytyc; David Ellenbogen; Hologic; Jay Stein; Seno Medical
  • Why Hologic focused on Women's Health
    Partial Transcript: Do you know why
    Synopsis: Umbel explains how Hologic became a company focused on women's health through business acquisitions and other decisions by company leaders
    Keywords: bone density; Direct Radiography; GE; Hologic; Jack Cumming; Ken Hitchen; Kodak; US Steel
  • Specific Work Experiences
    Partial Transcript: So what happened
    Synopsis: Umbel talks about some of the successes and failures of his career and touches on what he think made Hologic so successful
    Keywords: Cytyc; Diagnostics Company; Direct Radiography; DuPont; GE; Hologic; mammography; Phillips; selenium; Siemens; University of California, Los Angeles
  • Competition in the Industry
    Partial Transcript: So when you touched on
    Synopsis: Umbel explains what the competition was like in the medical imaging business and how Hologic set itself apart
    Keywords: Direct Radiography; GE; General Electric; Hologic; Jim Culley; Kodak; selenium; x-ray energy
  • Selling New Technologies
    Partial Transcript: Can you say anything
    Synopsis: In this segment, Umbel talks about how Hologic convinced people to buy their new technologies and the creative marketing methods that they used
    Keywords: Germany; Hologic; Jim Culley; Planar; Rob Cascella; Siemens; Sweden; workstations
  • Government and International Work
    Partial Transcript: And what's it been
    Synopsis: Umbel details his experience working with FDA and the FDA approval process as well as some of his work in Europe and China
    Keywords: 3D imaging; China; digital mammography; Europe; FDA; premarket approval; Robert Smith
  • Development of Tomosynthesis/Career Reflections
    Partial Transcript: Were you involved
    Synopsis: In this segment, Umbel explains his involvement in the development of tomosythesis and shares some overall reflections on his career
    Keywords: Boston, MA; breast imaging; Jay Stein; Radiological Society of North America; Rob Cascella; RSNA; Steve MacMillan
  • Work with Insurance Companies
    Partial Transcript: And it seems that
    Synopsis: Umbel explains his work with insurance companies, specifically working to creative a reimbursement plan for new technologies
    Keywords: FDA; PMA; Premarket approval; reimbursement
  • Looking back on Career
    Partial Transcript: So this is kind of
    Synopsis: In this final segment, Umbel talks about the proud moments of his career and what he would change if given the chance
    Keywords: DuPont; Hologic; technology development

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