Carlene West interview

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  • Introduction/Start and Early Career with Hologic
    Partial Transcript: Today is February 10th, 2020
    Synopsis: In this segment, West talks about her path to Hologic and some of Hologic's early work with medical imaging
    Keywords: accounting; consulting; David Ellenbogen; Direct Radiography Corporation; Hologic; Jay Stein
  • Digital Imaging at Hologic/Origins of mammography at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So at the time,
    Synopsis: West talks about the success of Hologic's digital imaging venture and discusses how the company got started with mammography after buying LoRad and Direct Radiography Corporation
    Keywords: digital imaging; Jim Kelly; Lorad; mammography
  • Acquisition of Lorad and Direct Radiography Corporation (DRC)
    Partial Transcript: I got a couple of follow-ups
    Synopsis: In this segment West discusses the acquisition of LoRad and DRC and how these companies fit into the culture at Hologic
    Keywords: Bedford, MA; Direct Radiography Corporation; Lorad
  • Relationship with Bedford Headquarters/System changes
    Partial Transcript: What was it like dealing
    Synopsis: In answering a question about expectations from Hologic's corporate leadership in Bedford, West talks about the transition to a new ERP system
    Keywords: Bedford, MA; Danbury; Delaware; ERP; Hologic; Jay Stein; Manman
  • Early Career Roles at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So you said that when they were
    Synopsis: West details her early titles and roles at Hologic and talks about how having lunches with colleagues really helped her learn about the company
    Keywords: 3D mammography; contractor; DRC; hologic; tomosynthesis
  • Advanced Roles at Hologic/Work in Danbury and Delaware
    Partial Transcript: So from there, I think
    Synopsis: West discusses her later positions at Hologic including being the director for the Danbury and Delaware offices and being the Vice President of Breast Systems Accounting. West also briefly mentions how the 2008 recession impacted her positions.
    Keywords: 2008 Recession; accounting; Danbury, CT; Delaware; Hologic
  • Impact of 2008 Recession and Affordable Care Act
    Partial Transcript: Did any of the new regulation
    Synopsis: West discusses how the 2008 Recession and the passage of the Affordable Care Act impacted her role and tasks at Hologic
    Keywords: Affordable Care Act; audit; Hologic; Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Work with Insurance Companies/Work with State and Federal Governments
    Partial Transcript: Did you ever have to work
    Synopsis: In this segment, West talks about Hologic's relationship with insurance companies and government agencies. Within this discussion, West remarks on the decision to keep the company in Delaware and how tax incentives played a key role.
    Keywords: 3D technology; Canada; Delaware; Germany; Hologic; insurance
  • Work with Suppliers
    Partial Transcript: So that said about selenium coating
    Synopsis: West details her work with suppliers and specifically recounts how Hologic landed on a supplier for selenium coating for medical imaging plates
    Keywords: Hologic; mammography plate; manufacturing; Research and Development; selenium; suppliers
  • Typical Tasks at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: I've got a couple of boilerplate type ones
    Synopsis: West talks about the usual tasks and jobs she had while working for Hologic
    Keywords: budget; financial analysis; forecasting; Hologic
  • Reflections on Career at Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So I think we kind of
    Synopsis: West reflects on her time at Hologic including changes over her career and favorite and least favorite parts of the job
    Keywords: Hologic; leadership development; personal development
  • System Process Improvements/End of Interview
    Partial Transcript: Was that process improvements
    Synopsis: West explains what system process improvements are by using an example of Hologic's service contract revenues.
    Keywords: Delaware; Hologic; system process improvements

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