Cornell Williams interview

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  • Early Life and Education
    Partial Transcript: Okay we're recording
    Synopsis: In this segment, Williams describes his childhood in Jamaica and how his early educational experiences shaped his career
    Keywords: Bronx, NY; Canada; DuPont; Hologic; Jamaica
  • Early Career/Work with DuPont
    Partial Transcript: But anyways so
    Synopsis: Williams explains his career moves after graduating college and how he got started at DuPont
    Keywords: Apple; Cherryhill, NJ; Direct Radiography; DuPont; Hologic; IBM; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Rutgers
  • Switch from Film to Digital Imaging
    Partial Transcript: So how did we
    Synopsis: Williams explains his role and projects within Hologic's transition from film to digital imaging
    Keywords: Digital Radiography; Dupont; Hologic; Kodak; Lothar Jeromin; Selenium; Siemens; Xerox
  • Early Career Stories
    Partial Transcript: I mentioned that I
    Synopsis: In this segment, Williams recounts stories from his first few jobs running a paper route and working as a cook
    Keywords: Bronx, NY; Jamaica
  • Interest in Healthcare
    Partial Transcript: So it seems like
    Synopsis: Williams talks about his childhood interest in electronics and healthcare and how that shaped the projects he worked on throughout his career
    Keywords: Drexel University; Healthcare; Hologic; Jack Cummings; Jamaica; Jay Stein; mammography; Radiological Society of North America; selenium
  • Development vs. Improvement of Technologies
    Partial Transcript: So what I'm curious
    Synopsis: Williams talks through developing new products as opposed to improving existing technologies and which method he used more
    Keywords: 2D mammography; 3D Mammography; DuPont; Hologic; product development
  • Creative Process/Breast Tomosynthesis
    Partial Transcript: So when you
    Synopsis: In this segment, Williams explains his creative process when developing new technologies and then discusses the development of breast tomosynthesis at Hologic
    Keywords: 3D Mammography; CT Scans; Digital Mammography; Hologic; Jay Stein; tomosynthesis
  • Technological Practices/Hologic and Bone Densitometry
    Partial Transcript: So that's interesting
    Synopsis: Williams talks about how video gaming technologies impacted all types of technology and his involvement with Hologic's bone densitometry work
    Keywords: bone densitometry; Hologic; ray tracing; video games
  • Deciding on New Projects
    Partial Transcript: Alright I'll keep an
    Synopsis: Williams explains how customer and doctor feedback helped Hologic figure out improvements and when to make new products
    Keywords: 3D Mammography; biopsy; Hologic; mammography; market research
  • Working with Selenium
    Partial Transcript: Actually you said
    Synopsis: Williams discusses working with selenium, including how they starting using it and some of its pros and cons
    Keywords: China; radiography; Selenium; South Korea; xerography
  • Product Development
    Partial Transcript: So another thing
    Synopsis: In this segment, Williams talks about the process of creating new products, convincing others to buy these products, and some current projects he is working on
    Keywords: digital mammography; Federal Drug Administration; Hologic; Jay Stein; mammography; tomosynthesis
  • Dealing with Company Change and Growth
    Partial Transcript: While quite often as
    Synopsis: Williams discusses his time working for other companies and experiencing Hologic's rapid growth as well as his belief in practical experience over academic knowledge
    Keywords: DuPont; Hologic; mammography; selenium; Sterling
  • Recognition during Career/Stories from Hologic
    Partial Transcript: So let's talk about
    Synopsis: Williams talks about awards he has received, experiences with his coworkers at Hologic, and meeting with people impacted by their mammography technology
    Keywords: Boston; Jay Stein; Jeff Yorker; Lothar Jeromin; mammography; Selenium
  • Reflections on Career
    Partial Transcript: Alright so given everything
    Synopsis: Williams mentions some proud moments in his career and anything he would change if given the opportunity
    Keywords: DuPont; Hologic; Lothar Jeromin; Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Advice for Others/Final Thoughts
    Partial Transcript: So I think that
    Synopsis: In this final segment, Williams offers advice to those who want to have a similar career and adds some final thoughts to the interview
    Keywords: Hologic; Jamaica; Japan; Marcus Garvey

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