DuPont Company Executive Committee records

About this collection

    DuPont's Executive Committee was formed on February 4, 1903, as part of the reorganization and modernization of the DuPont Company undertaken by Pierre Samuel du Pont (1870-1954), T. Coleman du Pont (1863-1930), and Alfred I. du Pont (1864-1935).
    The Executive Committee became the principal body for coordinating the work of the company's various departments of the rapidly growing and modernizing company; establishing company organizational structure and policy, approving capital expenditures and contracts, and fixing salary levels, bonuses, and other compensation. This collection contains files of historical interest from the 1903 to 1921 period, dossiers for patent and licensing agreements and capital improvements, departmental annual reports, and committee files.
    This collection has not been digitized in its entirety. Click here to view a finding aid for the DuPont Company Executive Committee records (Accession 2091).

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