Letterpress copybook of E. E. Hendrick, 1899-1903

About this collection

This letterbook contains tissue copies of the outgoing correspondence dating from 1899 to 1903 of inventor and manufacturer E. E. Hendrick (1832-1909). Although nominally dealing with his actions as president of the Hendrick Manufacturing Company, most of the letters concern personal business, such as purchases of household goods and cigars. Most importantly, they reveal Hendicks' interest in early automobiles, with correspondence with dealers and suppliers. Hendrick tried both electric and steam automobiles, and many of the letters are in the nature of complaints over such things as inadequate horsepower, poor riding quality, or the wrong size of tires. The letterbook has not been digitized in its entirety. The online collection comprises only the correspondence relating to automobiles. Click here for a detailed description of the letterpress copybook of E. E. Hendrick.

    Image: E. E. Hendrick to American Electric Vehicle Company, 1900-08-01. Click to view.

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