Radio Corporation of America, RCA Victor Division records

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    The Victor Talking Machine Company was a Camden, New Jersey company founded in 1901 by Eldridge Reeves Johnson (1867-1945), a former machinist for the Berliner Gramophone Company. It quickly became a leading U.S. manufacturer of phonographs and phonograph records by many of the leading musical artists of the day.
    In 1926, Johnson sold controlling interests in the company to a banking firm, who, in 1929, sold the company to the Radio Corporation of America. Successive name and management changes would include the Radio-Victor Division of the Radio Corporation of America, the RCA Manufacturing Company, the RCA Victor Division and, in 1968, RCA Records.
    The records in this collection come from the Camden administration building. There are ten volumes of corporation committee minutes dating from 1912 to 1931, which cover a wide range of corporate activities. Additional volumes consist of reports from the President to the Board of Directors and production contracts from 1945-1946. To view the finding aid for this collection, click here
    Image: Victor Talking Machine Company, Executive Committee minutes, Vol. 4 (1914), page 114. Click here to view the full volume.

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