Kelvinator Corporation electric refrigerators album

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    Kelvinator was founded in Detroit in 1916 after previously operating as the Electro-Automatic Refrigerating Company. Nathaniel B. Wales (1883-1974) was the founding engineer, and he had been developing home refrigeration units. He received financial backing from automobile executive Arnold H. Goss. The company name was an ode to the British physicist who developed the absolute temperature scale that also bears his name, Lord Kelvin.
    By 1923, Kelvinator controlled 80% of the electric refrigerator market. In the 1920s, Kelvinator acquired both Leonard Refrigerator Company and Nizer Corporation. In 1937, it merged with Nash Motor Company and became a division of Nash-Kelvinator. The company expanded into other household appliances like hot water heaters, air conditioners, and electric ranges. In 1968, Kelvinator was purchased by White Consolidated Industries, which in turn was purchased by A. B. Electrolux in 1986.
    The Kelvinator Corporation electric refrigerators album (Accession 1997.229) appears to be a wholesaler's catalog showing sketched illustrations of the exteriors and interiors of Kelvinator refrigerator models; three of the prints show only compressors and motors. No price list or text is included.
    Image: Model AA, circa 1930. Click here to view this item in the collection.

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