Inside Brown America newsletter

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    Inside Brown America was a newsletter published by the Institute of Industrial Race Relations and Joseph V. Baker Associates, a public relations firm founded by Joseph V. Baker (1908-1993). Baker was a prominent Black journalist and public relations specialist working out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who also served as the director of the Division of Negro Research and Planning with the Pennsylvania State Department of Labor and Industry.
    Inside Brown America was one of a number of publications issued through his firm, which offered public relations services to various large corporations and educational institutions. The newsletter, which ran from February 1952 to November 1953, provided Joseph V. Baker Associates' clients with updates on political and economic developments related to Black America. The newsletter also included news related to Black trade associations and of notable additions of Black professional staff to various corporate entities and government bodies. This digital collection consists of a small number of issues of this newsletter in Hagley Library's collections.
    Image: Miss Georgiana Young, Inside Brown America, No. 11 (December 15, 1952), page 3. Click here to view the issue. Click here to view the catalog record for this title.

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