World War I motivational broadsides

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This digital collection consists of a selection of World War I textual propaganda posters from Hagley's Published Collections Department. Many were created by the United States Department of Labor under the direction of Secretary of Labor William Bauchop Wilson (1862-1934). Others were issued by the National Industrial Conservation Movement or DuPont. Largely addressed to American workers, the posters encourage continued production in support of the war effort.

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"Carry On, Mates"
Poem printed in American machinist, Volume 48 Number 10 (March 7, 1918), page 413.
Get the habit of doing things right
A World War I poster from the Department of Labor advertising the importance of working more during war time.
We must win : to make the world free -- and a better place in which to live
A poster designed by the Department of Labor encouraging U.S. citizens to work more during war time.
Safety first : industrial patriotism always
Text poster endorses safety and patriotism.
The best form of monopoly for capital or labor is co-operation
Poster shows black text on a white background with black border.