World War I motivational broadsides

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This digital collection consists of a selection of World War I textual propaganda posters from Hagley's Published Collections Department. Many were created by the United States Department of Labor under the direction of Secretary of Labor William Bauchop Wilson (1862-1934). Others were issued by the National Industrial Conservation Movement or DuPont. Largely addressed to American workers, the posters encourage continued production in support of the war effort.

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American industry
Entire body of text: America for Americans! Manufacturing is the backbone of the Nation. Every man in Industry helps Prosperity. Returns in wages and profits are mutual. Inter=dependence is necessary in all industry. Capitalists include every man who has a dollar or more. Add your belief in the future of our Nation's wealth. National strength is industrial strength. Industry supports 100,000,000 persons in the U.S. Nothing oppressive to industry should be tolerated. Don't be fooled by agitators or by alarmists. Unite to make Industry your cause. Stand firm in your belief in the rights of industry. Treat every man you work with as a friend. Remember, the interests of employer and employe are the same. Your allegiance: 1st, To America; 2d, To your home; 3d, To your business.
Text continues in black ink: When a shell drops into their trench and doesn't explode, they call it a "dud." Without Caps or primers, or fuses or boosters, shells for Pershing would all be duds---war souvenirs for the Germans. Du Pont must make caps---primers---fuses---boosters faster and still faster. Shells must be loaded. Washington is calling, "More!---More!" Hundreds of American boys, rotting in filthy German Prison Camps, are listening for the sound of those American shells! Can't you hear them shout---"Thank God! Our Boys Are Coming!" Will You Keep Them Waiting---Will You Keep Them Waiting?
Smokeless Powder Wanted
Text continues in black ink: Before the war Du Pont made 25,000 lbs. a day. We built for the Allies and it became 1,300,000 lbs. a day. Then Uncle Sam threw off his coat and waded in. Du Pont was ready. But he wanted more. We built the great plant at Nashville and asked no profit. We were at war. Soon we will give him Smokeless Powder in quantities that will make 1,300,000 pounds a day look small! It's a record! We are proud of it. But could it have been done without loyal men and women? And now we say "the faster you turn out powder---the shorter the road to Berlin!" You have responded always---you will respond now.
High Explosives and Black Powder
Text continues in black ink: Not only for shells; not only for grenades; not only for bombs and mines. It blasts out the coal that warms the world in winter and feeds the fires under a million boilers. It quarries the rock; it opens the cut, it clears the ditch; it deepens the harbor. It loosens the earth and drains the soil so that its yield is increased for those that starve. It rips out the ore that makes steel for the guns and shells, and for the rails and locomotives and ships that carry them to France. Du Pont High Explosives and Black Powder are fighting in the War for Right.
With the Air Service
Text continues in black ink: American airplanes are flying over the German lines. There is Du Pont fabric on the airplane bodies. There is Du Pont paint and varnish on the wings. The gunner's tracer and incendiary bullets are loaded by Du Pont. Du Pont loads his bombs. You are sending these messages to the Huns. Send more --- and then more!
Shells! Shells!
Text continues in black ink: Over they go into the German trenches! High Explosive shells loaded by Du Pont with Du Pont Explosives. Du Pont Black Powder in the time-rings, pellets and shrapnel. Du Pont powder starts them on their journey; Du Pont caps, primers and boosters explode them when they land. Make them faster -- ship them faster -- Pershing needs them. Send them out till they rattle the windows of Berlin!
Our Service Flag
Text continues in black ink: Du Pont might have sought draft exemption for all its men. But it believed that those who could be spared should go. It wished to do its part. It wanted to shelter no slackers. 7300 have gone. --- It is proud of them! It is equally proud of the others who work like men to turn out what is needed. The Boys need the work of your hands and brains. They trust to you to back them.
Khaki and Blue
Text continues in black ink: Du Pont Dyes help make the uniforms of our Soldiers. Du Pont Dyes help make the uniforms of our Sailors. Du Pont Fabrikoid helps make leggings and equipment. Du Pont Pyralin is in the gas masks. Du Pont Products are marching to Berlin. The faster you work---the faster they march.