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This digital collection features a selection of images from Hagley Library's Portrait File depicting or associated with du Pont family members.

    Image: Louise du Pont Crowninshield with her bridesmaids. Click to view.

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General Motors executives
Pierre S. du Pont seated, center
du Pont, Pierre Samuel (1870-1954)
On verso: "Block Aid" for the unemployed of Wilmington 1932. Pierre S. du Pont in center
Presentation of Legion of Honor to Pierre S. du Pont
L-R: Irénée du Pont, Margaretta du Pont Carpenter, P.S. du Pont, Pierre Donzelet, French Cultural Attache
Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform
On front: Third Annual Convention of the Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform, Washington D.C., April-1982
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company Finance Committee
Standing, L-R. Irénée du Pont, John J. Raskob. seated, L-R. Henry Francis du Pont, Pierre S. du Pont, Lammot du Pont
Willing Workers Sewing Circle, Christ Church
With Hamilton Bartlett, Rector 1890-1896. Seated, First Row, L-R: Mrs. Hoover, ?, Mrs. Knox, Mrs. Godfrey, Mrs. Cathcart, Mrs. Bartlett?, Rev. Bartlett, Louise Crowninshield?, Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Geo. Ward, boy?; Seated, Second Row, L-R: Mrs. Beacom, Miss. Wm. Macklem, Cassie Buchanan, ?, Beth Cathcart, ?, ?, Sara Grogen, S. Grogen's Mother, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Cheney, ?, Mrs. Blakely; Standing, Third Row, L-R: Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Macklem, Mrs. Sayers, Mrs. Hardwick, Mrs. Moore, ?, Mrs. Geo. Cheney, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mrs. Moffeh?. Note: also identified by Miss. Elizabeth Beacom as the St. Elizabeth's Guild, Women's Group at Christ Church
du Pont, Alfred I. du Pont and E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company workers during Powdermen's Outing
Alfred I. du Pont is in the front row, seated, wearing knickers
Family of Alfred I. du Pont (1864-1935)
On verso: Swamp Hall, home of Alfred I. du Pont on Breck's Lane. Mrs. Alfred I. (B.G.) du Pont, Alfred V. du Pont and Katherine Kidder
Family of Alfred I. du Pont (1864-1935)
On verso: Swamp Hall - Mrs. B.G. duPont, Katherine Kidder, Alfred V. du Pont, and dog "Mugger"
Family of Henry du Pont
Victorine du Pont and Sophie du Pont
Captain Samuel Francis du Pont, seated, with Commander Sidney Smith Lee and Lt. David D. Porter
On verso: as a Captain, with Commander Sidney Smith Lee and Lt. David D. Porter. Photo by Germon (?). Escort to Japanese Ambassador
Samuel Francis du Pont with crew on deck of USS Wabash
Standing before the 200 lb. Parrott gun, one of the largest of that day.