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This digital collection features a selection of images from Hagley Library's Portrait File depicting or associated with du Pont family members.

    Image: Louise du Pont Crowninshield with her bridesmaids. Click to view.

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Captain Samuel Francis du Pont, seated, with Commander Sidney Smith Lee and Lt. David D. Porter
On verso: as a Captain, with Commander Sidney Smith Lee and Lt. David D. Porter. Photo by Germon (?). Escort to Japanese Ambassador
Samuel Francis du Pont with crew on deck of USS Wabash
Standing before the 200 lb. Parrott gun, one of the largest of that day.
Samuel Francis du Pont and others on deck of ship
Ship is likely the USS Wabash.
On deck of Captain Samuel Francis du Pont's ship
This is possibly the USS Wabash
Du Pont, Samuel Francis (1803-1865)
On cover: 1842 - Commander; 1855 - Captain; - Commodore; 1862 - Rear Admiral. On front: Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1861 by E. Dexter, in the Clerks Office of the United States for the Southern District of New York. E. Anthony 501 Broadway