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This digital collection features a selection of images from Hagley Library's Portrait File depicting or associated with du Pont family members.

    Image: Louise du Pont Crowninshield with her bridesmaids. Click to view.

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Team of the Aurora Gun Club
On front (L-R): Victor du Pont III, Victor du Pont, Jr., Alexis I. du Pont, Eugene du Pont, Eugene E. du Pont
Pierre de Bauduy de Bellevue (1769?-1833)
On verso: Pierre Bauduy de Bellevue II (architect for Wilm. Town Hall - 1798) (married Therese Jeanne Julienne (Juliette) le Breton des Chapelles) said to be a self portrait - in oil
du Pont, Alfred I. du Pont and E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company workers during Powdermen's Outing
Alfred I. du Pont is in the front row, seated, wearing knickers
Family of Alfred I. du Pont (1864-1935)
On verso: Swamp Hall, home of Alfred I. du Pont on Breck's Lane. Mrs. Alfred I. (B.G.) du Pont, Alfred V. du Pont and Katherine Kidder
Bessie du Pont with her dog
On verso: daughter of Alfred I. du Pont, later Mrs. Huidekoper
Family of Alfred I. du Pont (1864-1935)
On verso: Swamp Hall - Mrs. B.G. duPont, Katherine Kidder, Alfred V. du Pont, and dog "Mugger"
du Pont, Alfred I. (1864-1935)
A. I. du Pont standing in front of banner that partially reads '\u2026Only Troupe of Filipino\u2026In United States\u2026'