Beauties of the Brandywine stereographs

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This collection consists of scenic stereo views from a published series entitled Beauties of the Brandywine, Delaware, produced by the Philadelphia photography studio of Bartlett & French around 1868. The images, many of which were taken on E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company property, feature posed individuals, mill buildings, and the natural landscape along Brandywine Creek.

    Image: Crushing Mill, Dupont's Powder Works. Click to view.

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Resting by the Wayside
Young woman with basket sits on boulder near Brandywine Creek. Dam or bridge over river in background.
Brandy Creek
Children in canoe on Brandywine Creek.
Brandywine Creek
Three women sit on boulder near Brandywine Creek.
Indian Wall
Man on the ground behind row of rocks.
Ottoman Rock
Three girls sitting on a boulder in the river. An additional group of three children can be seen on a rock in the background.
South Bank, near the Bridge
Man sitting on the south bank of Brandywine facing toward mill buildings across the river.
Man walking near mill buildings.
The Old Willow
Men lounging underneath willow tree near Brandywine Creek
Nature's Arch
Man reading among the trees near Brandywine Creek.
Rock Formation
Group sitting on boulders with dam on Brandywine Creek visible in background.
Beautiful in Death
Man sitting amongst the rocks near Brandywine Creek.
Rocky Glen
Man sitting on boulder next to Brandywine Creek.
Falls above Jessup's Mills
Man on the ground near dam on Brandywine Creek.
Rocky Ridge
Man on the ground near Brandywine Creek.
Thoughts of Home
Three people sitting along the bank of Brandywine Creek.
Brandywine Rapids
Dam and rapids on Brandywine Creek
Finishing Mill, DuPont's Powder Works
Man on the ground near Brandywine Creek with mill buildings visible across the creek.
Crushing Mill, Dupont's Powder Works
Man sitting on Brandywine Creek east bank across from E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company crushing mill
General View, Dupont's Powder Mills
Man and child near dam on Brandywine Creek east bank across from E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company powder mills.
The Celebrated Brandywine Flour Mills
William Lea & Sons Company flour mill at the Brandywine Falls, Wilmington, Del.
Rapids below the Mill
Man standing along Brandywine Creek.
The Old Mill Power
Water flowing out of mill buildings.
The Old Mill
Rapids and mill buildings seen from opposite bank of Brandywine Creek.
County Bridge at Market Street
Market Street covered bridge over Brandywine Creek in Wilmington, Del.