Federal Reserve Bank of New York educational comics

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    Beginning the the 1950's, the New York Federal Reserve began publishing educational comic books intended to teach young adult readers about topics such as banking, monetary policy, inflation, and the Federal Reserve system in the United States. The comics, largely aimed at high-school age readers, were distributed free of charge to to teachers and educational institutions, along with lesson plans that could be used to incorporate the comics into classroom activities.
    This digital collection includes examples of these publications from the Hagley Library's collection. While the majority of these examples were published after the year 2000, they include publications from the the 1970s through the 1980s.
    Image: Ed Steinberg, A Penny Saved . . . Why and How we Save, and How Saving Helps the U.S. Economy. 5th printing. (New York: Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 2001), p. 5. Click here to view the full issue

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