Genevieve Pittner collection of roller skating rink stickers

About this collection

Genevieve Pittner of Monroe, Michigan, collected roller skating rink stickers between 1941 and 1942. She amassed a large collection by exchanging stickers by mail with other collectors, and she may have been a member of the Universal Roller Skating Sticker Exchange, a national network of sticker enthusiasts who traded. This collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the finding aid.

    Image: Sticker from Brooklyn Roller Skating Rink. Click to view.

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Carey's Circus Garden Roller Rink
Sticker for Carey's Circus Garden Roller Skating Rink, Frankford and Allegheny Avenues, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Rockaway Roller Rink
Sticker for Rockaway Roller Rink, 50th and the Boulevard, Edgemere, Long Island, New York.
New Rochelle Roller Skating Club
Sticker for the New Rochelle Roller Skating Club roller rink, 22 Horton Avenue, New Rochelle, New York
Sionilli Roller Rink
Sticker for Sionilli Roller rink, East St. Louis, Illinois.
Rollatorium Recreation Rink
Sticker for Rollatorium Recreation Roller Skating Rink, Western Avenue, Albany, New York.
Skate! At Colonial Roller Rink
Sticker for Colonial Roller Skating Rink, Put-in-Bay, Ohio.
Strathcona Palace Pier Roller Skating Rink
Sticker for Strathcona Palace Pier Roller Skating Rink, Canada
Let's make a date to roller skate!
Sticker for Civic Auditorium Roller Skating Rink, Watsonville, California.
Coliseum Roller Rink
Sticker for Coliseum Roller Rink, Harrisonburg, Virginia
The Heart of Friendship
Sticker for Hamburg Roller Rink Hamburg, New York.
Ridge Roller Skating Rink
Sticker for Ridge Roller Skating Rink, Seattle, Washington.
Western Penna's Finest
Sticker for Washington Roller Rink, 47 West Beau Street, Washington, Pennsylvania.
Brooklyn's Largest Roller Skating Rink!
Sticker for Bay Ridge Roller Skating Rink, 62nd Street and 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.
Artistic Skating: When dating, take her skating.
Sticker for Skatelands Roller Skating Rink, West 10th Street, Pittsburg, California.
Queens Roller Rink
Sticker for Queens Roller Rink, Queens and World's Fair Boulevards.
Sticker for Skate-haven Roller Skating Rink, 2995 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, California.
Brooklyn Roller Skating Rink
Sticker for Brooklyn Roller Skating Rink, Empire Boulevard and Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.
Stone Street Arena
Sticker for Stone Street Arena Roller Skating Rink, Rochester, New York.
Skateland Roller Rink
Sticker for Skateland Roller Rink, 147 Washington Street, Santa Cruz, California.
Skate your date at The Crescent Roller Rink
Sticker for The Crescent Roller Rink, Cedar Lake, Indiana.
The Home of Refined Roller Skating
Sticker for Redondo Beach Roller Rink, Puget Sound, Washington.
Rolarium Roller Rink
Sticker for Rolarium Roller Rink 17516 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Oregon.
America on Wheels
Sticker for the American Roller Skating Association.