Cinecraft Oral Histories

About this collection

    Cinecraft, Inc. is a corporate film and video production house. The company was founded in 1939 by Ray Culley (1904-1983) and Betty Culley (1914-2016) in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was one among hundreds of production houses in the U.S. during the middle decades of the twentieth century that specialized in a motion pictures commonly referred to as non-theatrical, industrial, commercial, business and/or sponsored films.
    The Cinecraft oral histories (Accession 2021.206) collection documents the history of Cinecraft Productions. The collection includes interviews with former employees as well as relatives of Cinecraft employees. In addition, an interview conducted in 1999 with Paul Culley (former owners) and Bob Haviland (former Executive Producer) is included in this collection.
    For additional Cinecraft material, see our Culley Family Cinecraft Productions Collection and Cinecraft Productions Films digital collections.
    Image: Still from video of Paul Culley and Jim Haviland in 1999. Watch the interview here.

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