Carter Litchfield photographs and ephemera on the history of fatty materials

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As an organic chemist, Carter Litchfield (1932-2007) studied and specialized in edible fats. Over the course of his career, Litchfield built an important collection about the history of fats and fatty materials. This collection has not been digitized in its entirety. The online collection is a curated selection of items and primarily includes paper ephemera such as ration stamps, tax stamps, and trade cards. There are also items relating to the Prussian chemist, Julius Lewkowitsch (1857-1913), whose collection Litchfield acquired. For a detailed description of the collection, click here for photographs and ephemera and here for manuscripts and archives.

    Image: Fairchild and Shelton's Ozone Soap trade card. Click to view object.

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Pure Lucca Oil
Text on verso: 'Pure Olive Oil for salads. S. Rae & Co's Lucca Oil is not only strictly pure Oil of Olives, but it is pressed from the most perfectly ripened fruit of Tuscany, Italy. Consumers wanting Olive Oil for salads or medicinal uses may rely upon this brand being free from adulteration with cotton seed or any other oil.'
The Great Churn
Caption: '...churns 800 lbs of Butter at a time, Creamery, East Aurora, N.Y., U.S.A.'
Fleurs de Provence
Text on cover: 'Huile d'Olive...garantie pure'
Berry Bros. Hard Oil Finish
Text on recto: 'Uncle Sam supplying the world with Berry Bros. Hard Oil Finish.' Text on verso: 'Berry Brothers Varnish Manufacturers, Detroit, Mich...For sale by J.D. Orcutt, dealer in Drugs, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc., Painted Post, N.Y.'
Hansen's celebrated Danish butter coloring
Text on verso cover: 'Compressed Concentrated Rennet Powder...Hansen's Unrivaled Rennet Tablets. Strong, Pure, Uniform.' Text from inside cover: 'Hansen's Danish Butter Color: The Original and Best. Endorsed by the highest dairy authorities in Europe and America...Has strong coloring properties. Color will not fade as the cheese ripens.'
Kendall Mfg. Co's Soapine
Text on recto: 'The dirt killer. Will not injure hands or fabric.' Text on verso: 'Makes hard water soft, and splendid soft soap, it takes the place of Hard Soap, Sal Soda, Borax and all other Cleansing Preparations, in the Laundry, Kitchen, workshop and EVERYWHERE...'
Machinery and burning oils and tallow
Text on recto: 'Nathan Frick, Manufacturer...Agent for Keyes' American Tallow Soaps, &c., No. 262 North Fourth St., Philadelphia.'
Goshen Mfg. Co. Fancy Butterine
Text on verso: 'Butterine is made by Goshen Mfg. Co., 407 Pine Street, Providence' R.I.
Use Sapolio for all cleaning!
Text on verso: 'Nails and Proverbial Philosophy. 1.--Stubborn but reliable. Economical. 'Thrift is a good revenue.' Sapolio is cheaper than dirt.'
Use Lautz Bro's & Co's Pure and Healthy Soaps
Text on verso: 'Blackwell & Turner, dealers in Flour, Groceries, Provisions...4 Granite Hall Block, Water St., Augusta, ME. Ask for Blackwell & Turner's Best American Soap.'
Soap For All Nations
Text on verso: 'B.T. Babbitt's Baby Soap...A Perfect Toilet Soap.'
David S. Brown & Company, Soap Makers & Perfumers, New York
Text on verso: 'Presented by David S. Brown and Company New York who Manufacture the largest & most Complete line of Toilet Soaps in the Country Also a fine line of Toilet Extracts Lawn Lilac a specialty.'
Compliments of the Camden & Phila. Soap Co.
Text on verso: 'The Camden & Phila. Soap Co of Camden, N.J. Will present (through the Grocers that sell their Soaps) a set of these beautiful cards to every on who purchases (at one time) Four Bars of their XXX Borax Soap.
Whittemore's Orient Shaving Soap
Text on recto: 'Shaving Made Easy Use Whittemore's Orient Shaving Soap.' Text on verso: 'Use Whittemore's Bayberry Glycerine Soap for the Skin and Complexion. Use Whittemore's Lava Soap for Office or Home Use in Removing Ink and other Stains.'
S.W. Bell & Co.
Text on verso: 'Pure White Gluco Soap Medicated. Manufactured only by S.W. Bell & Co., Toledo, Ohio. None genuine without both Label and Wrapper has the Trade Mark of Boys Carrying Bunch of Grapes.'
A Heart-y Trial Will Convince the Most Skeptical
Text on verso: 'Good-Will Soap: Recommended for its Superior Washing Qualities. New England's Purest.'
Schultz's Fatherland Soap
Text on inside cover: 'Schultz & Co., 'The' Soap Boilers...Zanesville, O.'
Swift's Premium Oleomargarine
Text on verso: 'Swift's 'Premium' Oleomargarine is made from essentially the same ingredients as creamery butter, though by a mechanical process. It costs about one-third less than butter, and effects a material saving in your butter bill.'
Eureka Granulated Soap
Text on recto: 'Elegant soap. Eureka Granulated Soap. Made by Tucker & Bryant, New Bedford, Mass.' Card has depiction of the Colossus of Rhodes.
Vermont Manufacturing Co., Butterine is the Best
The cotton press and mule so slow, creak 'Kandi Kubes,' as 'round they go
Text on verso: 'Kandi Kubes: A Pure Confection of Peanuts. For Sale by Druggists...Price, 5 Cents.'
Jno. C. Baker & Co. Importers of Finest Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
Text on verso: 'Baker's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil with Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda...'
Baum's Castorine
Text on recto: 'Endorsed by all express Co's Cartmen & Hackmen who claim it to be the only practical Axle Oil ever manufactured.' Text on verso cover: 'Wears twice as long as castor oil or grease...'
Bon Ami: The Best Scouring Soap Made
Text on verso: 'Bon Ami has no Superior as either a Scouring Soap, a Metal Polish, or a Glass Cleaner.'