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The Textile Fibers Department of the DuPont Company, established in 1936 as the Rayon Department, specialized in researching and developing synthetic fibers for fabrics such as Rayon, Nylon, Teflon, Corian, and Kevlar. The videotapes include employee training videos related to management, customer service and safety, as well as informational videos about product and services, company history and events. There are also copies of the DuPont sponsored documentary films, “To Fly” and “Flyers,” and news footage about the two films. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the finding aid.

    Image: Still frame from The Wonderful World of Nylon. Click to view film.

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DuPont Internet Fair (1 of 3)
An in house seminar presented by Dupont employees about the internet and ways to use it at work. Includes the following talks: 'Introductory Remarks,' 'Collaborative Tools from the Internet,' 'Education by Internet,' and 'Serving Multimedia Technical Information.'
Kevlar promotional video
Promotional tape for Kevlar, an engineering fiber used for tires, reinforcement for electromechanical cables and fiber optics, protective clothing, ropes and aircraft.
Untitled DuPont Co. commercials compilation
Video starts right in, cuts between movie clips with person using remote control. Commercials for DuPont Cooling System Cleanser, Dacron, Nylon, Orlon and Lucite Paint.
Just Married
On a film set, a newly married couple picks a new home and goes to buy things for their home made from DuPont fabrics. Nylon, Dacron, Orlon textiles are mentioned.
DuPont Internet Fair (2 of 3)
An in house seminar presented by Dupont employees about the internet and ways to use it at work. Includes the following talks: 'All's Fair in Modeling and Simulation,' 'Surf's Up at Government Labs,' 'Internet Use in Life Sciences,' 'Treasures Found on the Internet,' 'Netsmarts: Secure Use of the Internet,' and 'Use of Client Software over Phone Lines.'
DuPont Internet Fair (3 of 3)
An in house seminar presented by Dupont employees about the internet and ways to use it at work. Includes the following talk: 'Internet 101.'
Film tells the story of Kyle Murphy, a fictional World War II pilot who becomes a plane restorer and movie stunt pilot and over the course of the film inspires his young cameraman to become a stunt pilot himself. The film features even more spectacular footage of recreated World War I and World War II aerial combat, including dogfights, a crippled landing on an aircraft carrier, and a wing-walking stunt over the Grand Canyon.
To Fly!
Film combines a look at manned flight from hot air balloons to space exploration with the patriotic story of America's westward and then upward expansion.
"To Fly" Segment featured on Channel 12 WHYY
News segment on "To Fly" including interview with Bill McCabe, DuPont Aerospace Enterprise.
"To Fly" Segment featured on CBS This Morning
News segment on "To Fly" from CBS This Morning about the 20th anniversary of the film. Includes interview with LeRoy London, Special Assistant, National Air and Space Museum and Greg MacGillivray, Producer/Director of "To Fly".
Aviation, Today Show featuring "Flyers"
Begins with segment introduction with Gene Shalit, movie critic. Includes commercials. Then Today show segment including Dennis Moore, Producer of "Flyers", Kevin Donnelly, stuntman and Art Scholl, pilot, both of "Flyers", explain to host Jane Pauley how the stunt over the Grand Canyon almost went wrong. Segment ends after more commercials and Pauley makes one more comment.
Pat Schroeder Presentation to DuPont Employees: The DuPont Playhouse
Introduction by Chairman of the Affirmative Action Committee. Speech by Representative Patricia Schroeder on Family Issues. Includes Q&A session at end of program.
Super Support Professionals
Video explains program that introduces internal support groups for better communication. Interviews with employees; Susan Reed, Linda Domec-Wiemert, Mary La Rue, Tony Lanahan, Inga Rice, Barbara Faupel, Betty Moran, Peter Kehoe, Judy Coneeny and Bob Pruyn.
Using Knowledge Management to Create an Effective Organization
Unidentified female employee introduces Karl Wiig, Knowledge Research Institute, Inc. Wiig gives presentation and answers questions about sharing knowledge within an organization. Includes slides. Break in video when groups are formed for discussion, at 01:19:30:00. Session participants elaborate on their group discussions.
DuPont MLK Educational Convocation
Program begins with selections from the Bethel AME's Children's Choir. Opening statement from Mark Wagman. Sandra Bowe, Director of Diversity and Work life, DuPont. Rodrick Moore presents the 2004 Dr. Martin Luther King art contest winners. Kashana Roberts, Cab Calloway School of the Arts performs. Michelle Marshall, Dupont Polymers, presents the 2004 Dr. Martin Luther King Essay Contest winners. Robert Ford, DuPont Public Affairs, introduces Dr. Benjamin Carson, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins Medical Institution. Nanticoke Indian Dance Troupe performs. Sandra Lewis, Finance organization, and Senior Vice President and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Tom Connelly present Dr. Martin Luther King Science Awards. Deborah Grubbe, Safety, Health and Environmental Excellence Center, gives thanks to participants of event. Program close with benediction by Alexander Kopatsis and a performance by the DuPont Diversity Choir.
Fibers and Composites Development Centres Open House
Event held on DuPont campus for shot by Leo Hamilton. Includes performances and speakers; Jim Burns,
SCION Launch
Event held to introduce SCION project, or Scientific Corporate Information Online, a globally accessible database containing corporate technical scientific information. Includes speakers and a demonstration.
Scientific Information Global Network (SIGN) Knowledge Exploitation
Presenters: 'What is a Portal"-Peg Isselmann, Corporate Information Science; 'The Portal; A Gateway to Knowledge' -Stephanie D'Amico, Corporate Information Science and 'Planning the Portal; User-Centered Design Techniques' Tracey Haun, Corporate Information Science.
Partnership for Carpet Reclamation
Program detailing a carpet reclamation program sponsored by DuPont and other corporate partners. Includes interviews with John Carson, VP/General Manager, DuPont Flooring Systems ; William Ruckelshaus, Chairman/CEO, Browning-Ferris Industries; Paul Pearlman, Business Development Manager, DuPont Flooring Systems; Fred Williamson, CSI/CDC Corporation, President, Contract Distributors Division.
Invention' Discovery Channel Program on Stephanie Kwolek and Kevlar Fiber
Host Lucky Severson introduces segment on Stephanie Kwolek and DuPont's invention of Kevlar. Includes commercials.
Biotechnology: A Broad Overview
Professional Excellence Community Seminars presentation with Dr. Elmer L. Gaden.
Strategic Directions/Imaging
Professional Excellence Community Seminars presentation with Dr. Bruce Ferguson, Imaging Systems.
Scientific Issues for the Year 2000
Professional Excellence Community Seminars presentation with Dr. Richard Quisenberry, Director of Corporate Research and Development.
Roadshow Introduction
Seven DuPont employees meet in Philadelphia to discuss the new Professional Excellence Community (PEC) program: Daniel Hazelhurst, Senior Research Associate; Bruce Homemeyer, Account Manager; Fernando Ontaneda, Research Engineer; Lynora Bowen, Senior Research Engineer; Bill Kopish, Product Manager, Electronics ; Sandy Eckfeldt, Senior Systems Analyst ; Roger Siemionko, Technical Manager.
Fashion Fabric Directions 1990, Part 1
Professional Excellence Community Seminars presentation with Iris LeBron and Rose Forde, Kinston Plant.