Buckley Music System, Inc. album

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Buckley Music System, Inc. was a manufacturer and distributor of jukebox music systems for businesses. The company operations were active from 1939 through 1950 (exact incorporation and cessation dates unknown). Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Buckley had several distributors in various regions around the United States. The jukebox stations were tied into a central system, including jukes, a full line of auxiliary wall and or bar boxes, and speakers.

    This album is a salesman sample catalogue marketing the Buckley jukebox system for restaurants, bars, and clubs. This album opens with three photographs of company employees and an image of a wall-mounted speaker cabinet.
    A majority of the photographs provide an interior view of empty or near-empty establishments who have implemented the system. These photographs feature architectural and interior design details, as well as advertising and point of sale displays for businesses from all across the United States. The photographs have been kept in their original order.
    Image: Pine Log Tavern. Lincolnwood, Illinois, ca. 1940. To view the full image, click here.

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