Joe Weisbecker Video Game Collection

About this collection

Joe Weisbecker was an engineer at RCA who invented an 8-bit microcomputer architecture that would serve as the foundation of RCA’s future microprocessor business. Weisbecker was well versed in programming languages, and during the 1970s contributed to the development of RCA’s programmable video game and educational systems: FRED, STUDIO II, STUDIO III, and STUDIO IV, and Microtutor.

    This collection comprises digital files extracted from cassette tapes found in Weisbecker's collection as well as select paper documents related to RCA's video game systems. The video clips of gameplay were provided by Kevin Bunch working from binaries converted from tapes by Andy Modla and Marcel van Tongeren. For more information, see the emulator developed and maintained by Marcel van Tongeren.
    Image: Cover of the RCA COSMAC VIP, Game Manual. View the manual.

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