Disposor Corporation album

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    The Disposor Corporation was incorporated on July 17, 1933. It is a foreign business corporation with headquarters in New York, New York. The Disposor Corporation was the sales agent for the General Fan Corporation of New York City in the 1930s. Ernst Glantzberg (?-1936) was the President of General Fan Corporation which manufactured the Typhoon fan and other significant heating, ventilating and cooling units.
    This collection consists of fourteen photographs of various mechanical units (ventilating and cooling) on display at exhibits or installed in businesses, including a ship and restaurants. These images were put together by Disposor Corporation into a sales album. The album also includes images of various styles of grilles that the General Fan Corporation offered and three charts of various product specifications and prices. The photographs have been unbound for preservation. Six photographs are missing from the album.
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    Image: Disposor booth at National Hotel Exposition, Grand Central Palace, New York City, 1932. Click here to view.

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