Canada Dry beverages sales album

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    Canada Dry is a brand of soft drinks best known for its ginger ale. Canada Dry had its beginning in Toronto, Canada when John McLaughlin (1865-1914) opened a small carbonated water plant in 1890 to manufacture soda water, which he then sold to drugstores as a mixer for fruit juices and flavored extracts. In 1904, he created Canada Dry Pale Dry Ginger Ale. In 1919, McLaughlin began to ship the product to New York City, and two years later opened the first Canada Dry plant in the United States in Manhattan.
    In 1923, P.D. Saylor and Associates purchased the company from the McLaughlin family and formed Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Inc. Consumer demand grew and this led to national expansion. Much of its popularity was linked to the fact that it was used as a mixer to mask the taste of home brew during Prohibition. The 1930s saw the introduction of other Canada Dry mixers. Canada Dry expanded worldwide during this period.
    The album was created as salesman's flip chart for Canada Dry distributors to show retailers. There are images of Canada Dry products (ginger ale, club soda, alcohol mixers), views of bottling plants and the manufacturing process which includes photos of ginger being harvested in Jamaica. Advertising campaigns and point of purchase "sales boosters" are illustrated. Lastly, there are merchants' testimonials and statistical marketing information for retailers.
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    Image: Canada Dry display, page 14. Canada Dry beverages sales album, 1938. Click here to view this image in the collection.

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